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  1. Carter says:

    super creative idea for a website. Love ya guys!

  2. Me says:

    Heat waves be faking me out

  3. Molly Tramell says:

    This is so COOL!!

  4. leviosabeans says:

    Love you guys so much. been here since gooey.
    Much love. Will bring a jar of mayo to the next show!

  5. Alisha Kovacich says:

    Peanut butter vibesss

    Berta’s Michoacan-Style Red Enchiladas

    Prep time
    Cooking time
    2 potatoes, peeled, sliced

    2 carrots, peeled, sliced

    5 Reese’s Pieces

    1 cup vinegar

    1 1/2 cups vegetable oil, for frying the vegetables

    2 cups water

    12 corn tortillas

    1 cup cotija cheese

    1 cup Mexican crema or sour cream

    1 cup cabbage, shredded

    6 servings cooked chicken legs or carne asada, (prepared to your taste, says Michelle. She usually fries them.)

    For the Sauce
    6 chiles guajillos

    1 cup water, boiling

    1 Tbsp vinegar

    1/4 onion

    2 cloves garlic

    1 pinch salt

    Prep the Vegetables
    Slice the potatoes and carrots and soak in 1 cup of vinegar for 10 minutes.
    When done, strain and set aside.
    Make the Sauce
    Soak the chiles guajillos in 1 cup of boiling water until soft, or for about 5 minutes.
    Transfer the chiles and their water to a blender.
    Add the onion, garlic, 1 Tbsp of vinegar, and pinch of salt to the blender.
    Blend for 3 minutes.
    Strain the sauce mixture into a large bowl wide enough to allow you to later dip the tortillas.
    Make the Enchiladas
    In a large pan, pour the vegetable oil. Warm it up over medium heat.
    When the oil is hot enough to bubble when you add a small piece of potato, add the vinegar-soaked potatoes and carrots. Fry them until they are lightly browned. Remove and set aside.
    Dip each tortilla in the sauce and fold them in half. Immediately place it in the hot oil in the pan, extended to its full circle shape. (Heat up more oil first if you need to.)
    Lightly fry each tortilla for about 2 to 3 minutes per side, or until both are golden brown.
    As you remove each golden-fried tortilla from the hot pan, start making the plates:
    • Lay down each open tortilla on the plate.
    • Spread 1 tsp or so of crema or sour cream.
    • Sprinkle cotija cheese.
    • Sprinkle shredded cabbage.
    • Add a large spoonful or two of the fried potatoes and carrots mixture.
    • Sprinkle more cotija cheese.
    • Serve with cooked chicken or carne asada on the side—or enjoy as is.

  6. Kat says:

    i really want some pancakes 🙁

  7. wavey davey says:


  8. w3lshb3n says:

    P.P.S. we have Welshcakes 😋

  9. w3lshb3n says:

    Saw you guys in Brighton, Glastonbury, Lowlands (Netherlands) and Glasto again, hard to pick a favourite… Fancy coming to Cardiff so I can keep my carbon footprint in check? 😙 P.S. Bring Tinfoil Pat

  10. An anonymous Tipper. says:

    The password for Wavey Davey- Davey Wavey? I dunno which one it was, but the password is “horse”

  11. etoile says:

    back again, love you for getting me thru lockdown <33 my love has been revived haha

  12. Jadyn says:

    You guys are the best!! So incredibly talented, and I cannot wait for the new album to be released!!!

  13. Me says:


  14. kubo! says:


  15. nutlord gaming says:

    cool site

  16. shilab says:

    woah htbahb update ;O

  17. Andi says:

    Hi Benjamin
    Dreamland peak

  18. Benjamin says:

    Hi Andi

    Zaba peak

  19. Daniel says:

    zaba 🔛🔝

  20. Gabriel says:

    This is a really cool website, for a really cool band.

  21. soap says:

    hi first time discovering the website ! ! ! working on a lyrics analysis project and making a podcast about said analysis for school ANYWAYS have a nice night/evening to anyone reading

  22. cody says:

    woah hey guys this is crazy i forget about your music and then i remember you guys are like my favorite artists and i binge listen to all of your songs like 5 times over

  23. Sam says:

    i was gonna leave a comment but i forgor

  24. Travis & Marissa says:

    This website stirs nostalgia everytime I visit . Big fan since 2016. Introduced you guys to my now-wife and we have loved your art for years. Can’t wait for the next album. Thank you for everything. Much love.

  25. Olly says:

    hi, thanks for helping me through weird emotions 2020-2021, i love you!

  26. isabelle says:

    from time to time i just spend the whole day listening to all your songs and revisiting everything on the website. i just love all your creativity tysm for doing all of this <3

  27. caroline says:

    your music and this website make me smile all the time

  28. sage says:

    HELLOOO! thank you for making me absolutely insufferable <3

  29. Amanda Townsend says:

    Listened since Zaba,,, little things can save sanity. Like this band

  30. jess :) says:

    i’ve got the lyrics of dreamland stuck on my screen and idon’t know how to get rid of them, send help

  31. jess :) says:

    i love glass animals, i hope i get to see them live again, i’ve just spent hours on this website, it’s so cool

  32. Cphdriftin says:

    This was funny, please come to copenhagen asap!!!

  33. :) says:

    hope you’re having a great day 🙂

  34. ash says:

    bro did the site get an update

  35. Square says:

    Square was here. Much love

  36. felix says:

    testing? testing? dottore solos. also felix was here. <3

  37. Megatron says:

    Meg was here >:)

  38. oreo says:

    zaba rulez

  39. REMY says:


  40. Casper Swann says:

    *turns into a chair* h-hewwo…?

  41. Strings says:

    How to Be A Human Being helped me describe how I felt when I was younger when I was in therapy and other programs. It’s made such a massive impact on my life so thank you for making it. It made me feel so much less alone.

  42. Jamie Gets Lowe says:

    Time for some waveyness to come on over to MD, USA – mmmmm wavey davey flavey gravy

  43. Adi :) says:


  44. mark i. plier says:

    Haha I’m sure everything’s fine but I think I saw someone who looked exactly like me in some conspiracy guy’s video? I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but seeing a doppelganger was weird hahah I’m sure it’s all good! I’ve got my lawyer on speed dial hahah

  45. h says:

    still didn’t figure out htbahb 🙁

  46. L says:

    i am following you guys for 8 years now (since i was 8 haha, thanks to unsupervised youtube hours), i remeber doing lil animations on Pork Soda or TOSOP, i kept them for myself. i also did fanarts. i grew up with you and with this chill and warm fanbase. i love everything you do. you helped on my character development and changed my perspective on life and on people in general. thanks for showing us how to be a human being :33 xx.

  47. TINFOILPAT says:


  48. TINFOILPAT says:


  49. connor says:

    happy birthday htbahb, great album!!!!!
    love from connor

  50. leila says:

    go. on. tour. i beg

  51. tommyj says:

    is this is a HTBAHB zoetrope picture disc release on September 29th??

  52. ananas says:


  53. toe says:

    guys I’m eating habanero flavored pringles they are SOOO good

  54. andrew says:

    miss you guys. even if you are (or aren’t?) clones!

  55. Jiggly says:

    This is sick, love y’all for putting out great music<3

  56. roo says:

    riley, we know who you are

  57. caylah says:

    i’m writing this from the toilet

  58. -N says:

    Chuck worked out how to use the internet!!

  59. chuck says:

    tinfoil pat? are you in here somewhere? i’ve been searching for ages, but i can’t find you. i’m back from 1989. if you see this, send me an email. thanks.

  60. Niki Moon says:

    Thank you, Glass Animals for making the music that you have. It’s all helped me through the bad times as well as stuck beside me during the good times! I hope there’s still many songs left to be sung! <3

  61. yaboisalty says:

    Wheres tinfoil pat at

  62. caspian says:

    hello fools. king if you see this hi 😀

  63. Joe says:

    Class band keep it up

  64. 3V says:

    my album coming out by the end of the year


    thanks glass animals for making one of my favorite albums of all time (htbahb) love yall

  65. Jacob says:

    Cherry 🙂

  66. asdf says:


  67. tate says:

    i love that this guestbook is still up omg

  68. tate says:

    hi hi

  69. imshroomking says:

    hi :p

  70. el :) says:

    hi wish I could see y’all in concert one day 🫶🏻

  71. Sydale says:

    Hey Tony lol

    Hey glass animals,

    Super cool website, great concert. Hopefully going to see you in concert soon

  72. :) says:

    Hey tony

  73. :) says:

    Hi Sydale

  74. Caleb says:

    cool site!

  75. Emily R says:

    Hey guys, just want to share that you all have been a source of inspiration and joy for my family. My niece Amelia had a hemorrhagic stroke back in 2018, at the age of 7. How to be A Human Being was her soundtrack of choice over the subsequent forty days of inpatient recovery. I took her to see y’all in Boston in 2021 – her very first ever concert! Unfortunately she’s had two more strokes this week and she’s in the midst of four days of neurosurgery. It’s all dicey right now but I look forward to better days with her and many more GA concerts. Would love to share a get-well shout out with her if that’s something you guys do, but either way, thanks for the jams and some of my best times with her. If you want a laugh or to share a wave, you can find concert highlights and my info on Twitter at @emilymnrogers. Thanks, guys <3

  76. Msays says:

    Thank you for making music that has been my safe space for years now <3 Can't wait till y'all come back to Seattle (or the Gorge) next!!!!

  77. Lalita says:

    one day ill be like Dave

  78. Chewie says:

    thank you for everything!

  79. Nacole Leonhart says:

    Love yall! Keep on slangin’ and bangin’ 🩵💙💗💕🧡🩷💜💛🤎💚💙

  80. c says:

    love dreamland 🙂

  81. zefiju says:

    I love this website, group and community, so glad I got here

  82. zefiju says:

    You are the most positive community guys! Life gets tough and I don’t know why, but keep going, it’ll be ok. Love ya!

  83. tilly says:

    dang pretty cool

  84. The 4D Sloth says:

    Little did she two shoes!

  85. babybrunette1028 says:

    This is the coolest site! Neat-o


    just so so so much love for you! im head over heals!

  87. TenaciousD says:

    Thanks for doing what you do! Keep up the excellent work.

  88. oli says:

    ty! <3

  89. Marissa says:


  90. Mike says:

    Dropping a line to say thank you for Youth, Agnes, and the entire Dreamland album, gotten me through some rough times over the years. <3

  91. gigi says:

    lito x pablo

  92. Mads says:

    Love you guys so much!! This is the coolest site ever no kidding. Keep being great!❤️

  93. Mal says:

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen from any band site. LOVE YOU

  94. Jeff says:

    My name JEff

  95. JEANETTE says:



  96. JEANETTE says:



  97. Gia says:

    This is the coolest thing ive seen from an artist or band in forever. Love you guys!!!

  98. nat says:

    so excited to see what comes next! love your website so much

  99. E4Mafia says:

    Best website!

  100. RACCOON says:

    Good vibes <3

  101. Arius S says:

    glass animals are the goats this website is so cool and their music goes so hard

  102. H.W says:

    Good vibes all the way from the Sultanate of Oman!

  103. Cadence M says:

    What absolute legends! Love this site! 🤘🏼<3

  104. AlexisPaige says:

    I feel like I’m back on AIM and I adore it.

  105. Jacob F. says:

    Gotta say, I love this whole “Open Source” thing you have going on.

  106. addie says:

    This is so fucking cool. I want to be you guys when I grow up

  107. rinarinarina says:

    Your music makes me soso happy
    Also such a cool website!!!

  108. an oboe player says:

    this is so fucking cool man holy shit. like. the single coolest website i’ve ever been on hahaha

  109. Adam Bubbles says:

    Easily one of the best band sites I’ve seen! Please do a US tour as soon as you’re comfortable. Much love!

    Anyone else reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t forget to love yourself! <3

  110. Lilly R. says:

    woah this is cool

  111. Beth says:

    😘 love your website ❤️

  112. Sylvia O. and Pieter A. says:

    We love your music! The concert in Belgium at pukkelpop was amazing!!!!! I introduced my husband to your music when we didn’t have cellular in the Côte D’Azur in France when we first met eachother. It was the only music we had but man I couldn’t wish for anything else <3

  113. Micyle Souserman says:

    I recently got into your music and my favorite album has to be How To Be A Human Being

  114. peter parker says:

    my cat just barked at me

  115. *owen wilson* says:

    wow *owen wilson*

  116. not-bob says:

    fuck you bob

  117. bob says:

    I found the password

  118. tara says:

    when im sad i go onto the opensource and i just look through everything and everytime, without fail it makes me feel so much happier x

  119. linny says:

    pls dont eat the pancakes out of the trash 🙁

  120. cactusramune says:

    dreamland is the perfect childhood nostalgia album. like drinking a cherry gas station slushie on the drive home in the summertime

  121. Sophie says:

    this is the coolest website I’ve ever laid my eyes on

  122. Milo! says:

    this is really cool! I absolutely love the effort put into stuff from glass animals <333

  123. Tahmid says:

    Damn! Never imagined something like this would exist. This brings back a lot of memories.

  124. dakota says:

    hi <3 happy late birthday zaba

  125. shilab says:

    happy bday zaba!!

  126. MacabreCrow says:

    Hi everyone! Hope everything’s going well

  127. Egor says:

    Hi from Ukraine

  128. c says:

    love yall

  129. catszt says:

    i hope everyone seeing this is doing good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. A guest says:

    o wow

  131. Humps says:

    Nostalgic website. Haha. Love your creativity. Keep it up!

  132. Rocky says:

    Happy birthday zaba!!!! My favourite album it’s so good <3

  133. AceCar1131 says:

    i have been a fan for 7 years! and i love your music.:D

  134. horseenjoyer says:

    the password is horse,,,

  135. Apeksha says:

    Hellooo! Love this website

  136. David says:

    Greetings from Poland!

  137. Cake says:

    damn its almost been 3 years since dreamland

  138. amy says:

    happy birthday zaba!!!

  139. Birdys says:

    Great Song (heatwaves) and i enjoy to Music hope thats more in The future

  140. Birdys says:

    Great Song (heatwaves) and i enjoy to Music hope thats more Ib da future

  141. Pennsy says:

    Little Debbie is a Reptilian Overlord

  142. dar♡ says:


  143. rikko_!! says:

    im literally making a glass animals themed website for my business isu :sob: this is so cool !!

  144. Tom Cartwright says:

    late nights in the middle of June coming up😳

  145. aubs :) says:

    how to be a human being is the best album ever ty for bringing it into existence

  146. kendra says:


  147. .N.OBSSESIVE. says:

    This is so cool- and gives me weirdcore vibes and I really like it!! I wish there was more interactive stuff, tho.

  148. Corey says:

    Super cool website. I found it by researching labels. This was such a cool easter egg to find. Love it!

  149. cedar says:

    never really explored the website much. I saw something on reddit that said “the password is horse” a while back so I typed “horse” in and you know what? it worked. anyway, I really like glass animals. they’re my favourite. love em.

  150. Adi says:


  151. nuts says:


  152. asher says:

    amazing 😮

  153. vim says:

    Great website.

  154. Jaspr says:

    been a big fan since around 2016, so amazing to see you guys evolve. thank you for everything <3

  155. SToGuS says:

    Don’t understand these kids all excited about Windows10, I had Windows 95 years ago!

  156. zahra sky says:

    your songs inspire my art, and got me sober from fent. thank you. loved you at redrocks 2022

  157. zahra sky says:

    a majority of my art is inspired by you and your songs. every major life moment is easily talked abt in your songs its great ugh. your music helped me get sober from fentanyl. thank you. also loved u at redrocks 2022

  158. zysa says:

    yall just learning abt this website?

  159. Erin says:

    This site is so cool. I’m so glad I found it!! I love you guys <3

  160. Meredith says:

    This is so coll!!

  161. Selena says:

    Yo this website absolutely slaps y’all. Great work

  162. keep says:


  163. Mitchell "the goat" sowby says:


  164. soul says:


  165. paige says:

    poopy butt fart!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  166. Plover says:

    Hello 😀 I absolutely LOVE this website 😀

  167. Lando says:

    Love ya’ll! saw you guys in Columbus in 2021 and its one of the best live shows ever. love coming back to this awesome website!

  168. Nat says:

    The coolest website I’ve ever seen. Hope you’re having a rad day ^-~

  169. Renee says:

    Love you guys <3

  170. Indiana says:

    absolutely balling hope your having a smashing day

  171. no says:

    why didn’t i know abt this website sooner it’s prob my favorite one now

  172. semenking says:

    im learning to like giving head <333

  173. David says:

    this site is so cool!

  174. Ultraviolet says:

    <3 <3 <3

  175. Coalm says:

    I can tell a lot of effort has been put into this well done 😀

  176. isa says:

    this is so cool

  177. Glenn says:

    Love the site!

  178. murder says:


  179. pinapple says:

    wdfjaihgibawihaojioajnrignaijgknwdk finwignwijngjair giwrhgiwr GIBBERISH

  180. Sia says:


  181. bean says:

    I love this website so much like it has no right being this cool!!!
    <3 (:

  182. Kevin Day says:

    Local women

  183. rat says:

    this website has my whole heart [love your music!]

  184. Max V says:

    Ow. Right in the nostalgia hole.

  185. Fancy alieun says:

    I come here very often. This site feels so nostalgic

  186. Danica T. says:

    Thanks you for the nostalgia! This was fun like I haven’t had in a looooong time!

  187. Ellie B says:

    Love the web site. I came in here hoping y’all were touring soon :,) Also I know a dog that looks like that and his name is nugget :):):) lol

  188. Julia says:


  189. delnyn says:

    cool music

  190. peepeepoopoo says:

    forgot this existed bruh

  191. swimmingpool says:


  192. swimmingpoolspaceships says:


  193. plasticmanimals says:

    i eat your pancakes

  194. Nuh uh says:


  195. AssDanimals says:

    Follow me on twitter. @NegansBeard. Ass Danimals was here.


  196. bartholomew says:


  197. mehmetdeniz says:

    nice website man

  198. big man says:

    i love men

  199. stuff says:


  200. FoxInWell says:

    Love Gooey

  201. cat says:


  202. Kaeleigh says:

    I know you’re glass animals but is there glass made out of animals?

  203. Kaeleigh says:

    Can I pet your dog?

  204. gamertown USA says:

    hi 🙂

  205. c says:

    love yall so much

  206. tobeans says:

    hehe i knew about this for a while, I LOVE YOU!! i have poisters and stickeors and shit <333

  207. Maxx says:

    Just discovered this! 10/10

  208. Devri says:

    Very clever haha your doggo is a cutie 🥰

  209. Jenna :) says:

    this is so cute, it made my day ily Glass Animals <3

  210. Joyce says:

    This is some awesome stuff!

  211. alli again says:

    wavey davey’s on fire.

    guess what
    wavey davey is STILL on fire


  212. glassanimalsliker says:

    I like glass animals

  213. alli says:

    omg this music… i wanna make music like this!!! im trying to figure out how bc… it puts me in such a weird headspace that i loveeeeeeeeeee. keep making music its epic!!!


  214. Camdyn says:

    you guys should totally make a full Glass Animals OS it would be so cooolllllll

  215. GAfanSP017 says:

    Y’all are great and I enjoy your music immensely! I have been inspired by you all to start writing my own music, it prolly won’t go anywhere but who knows. Glass animals has a song for however you are feeling, I love vibing to glass animals when I’m doing hw or just to feel better.

  216. ajax says:

    i found this after having a cheeky look for merch smh

  217. :) says:

    Take a slice forever on top

  218. Josh says:

    Take a slice on top 🙂

  219. wertwerggsfdg says:

    im so sleepy

  220. vibes says:

    love glass animals and i love this website! i kinda miss the tetris game on the last website tho

  221. fiona says:

    i love this website its actually so fun

  222. camdasoup says:

    You guys are so crazy smart and cool for this website idea. I also love your music… SOOO GOOOD

  223. Wavey Davey says:

    i love little kids

  224. eris says:

    cant wait for a new album and tourrrrr

  225. em says:

    I LOVE THIS WEBSITE WHATTT….. the s2e3 game is actually so fun 🙂

  226. Rayyy says:

    new songs or demos plzzzzz😢🙏

  227. LP says:

    need a new album frfr

  228. layla !! says:

    omg how cool is this! awaiting a new album cos i need new music and to go to a glass animals concert asap 🙂

  229. Please come to Montana says:

    some where a tree is looking at you

  230. Thai Tran says:


  231. Thai Tran says:


  232. Aidan Wang says:


  233. REddARE HEHEHHE says:


  234. Rose says:

    <3 from israel
    come here
    it will be fun

  235. anmlsglss says:

    pretend i said something really cool

  236. sanryen says:

    hello animal glass eaters

  237. ALEX says:

    This website is so cool, I can’t wait for new shows and new songs, 4+ years of listening and I’ve changed so much and so have you, but always for the better. Can’t wait for new adventures, and more rides thru the waves of dreamland! <3

  238. zoinks says:


  239. Anonymous says:

    this website is so cool

  240. Parker says:


  241. Jenny says:


  242. Highass says:

    This website is tripping me tf out

  243. C. says:

    I don’t know

  244. Nick Newskum says:

    Absolutely love you guys! Your music has helped me through a lot of tough times. <3

  245. :0) says:

    make more music or i will !!!!1! eat a baby

  246. stickybee says:

    i love seeing ya’ll where it snows! ☃ BUT PLEASE COME DOWN SOUTH!!! WE LOVE YOU! <3

  247. C says:

    Currently using your website as a model for interactive media for my journalism qualification. Love you guys! fingers crossed i get an A

  248. nik says:

    can’t wait for y’all to tour again :]

  249. Anonymous says:

    Last concert 😢 🥹my. Sister enjoyed when he in Michigan I miss my sister she seing week her husband kill her

  250. Zanderdya says:

    thanks for the good music

  251. Saul Silver says:

    One time my gf and I met you very briefly at Outside Lands Music Festival. I was debating even approaching you because you had a mask on and my gf said it was creepy I recognized you with a mask on. Honestly, the only reason I recognized it was you under such circumstances was because I was peaking on Molly at the time (although I’m not sure how that helped in actuality) It’s also why I decided to approach you, even tho in my head it seemed like I would be annoying or a pest for doing so. Turns out you guys were headed to Dr. Dog, as were we, so we sort of showed you the way and had a brief moment to chat. I think about this encounter often and am so grateful for it. Thank you again for indulging my trippy intrusion. There’s so many things I wanted to say that I thought of later. You guys had really won me over at Firefly, and I basically had been cheating on Tame Impala with you guys from that point on until Outside Lands. I also wanted to say when you asked me which show I liked better, I said “at firefly the crowd energy was better, outside lands the music was better” you replied “wrong, you’re supposed to say they were both shit” without skipping a beat. Lmaoooo. I failed to mention that I (again) was peaking on Molly during your outside lands show, so of course the music was better. I even timed the peak perfectly for the end of the intro countdown hahaha. And my God what an unforgettable experience. Hell, that entire weekend was nuts. Thank you for doing what you do and the way that you do it. I absolutely am looking forward to seeing you all live again as soon as possible.

  252. uglyrat says:


  253. ollie says:


  254. your mom says:

    deppresion is real

  255. Axltruth says:


  256. Isabella says:


  257. thechest says:


  258. obamasleftnut says:


  259. Joy says:

    Just looking for your dates but happened upon this instead, not mad

  260. franc says:

    just wanna say that ive been a huge fan of u guys since 2016 and i just love how creative you guys are with your songs and even your official websites!! like i love everything!! pls give me some of your creativity too <3

  261. Ana says:

    Glass Animals have inspired me to make music I wanted to make, music that shares my experiences & what makes me happy. I go outside so much more now, I embrace every momment I have to around people I care about, I embrace myself and what makes me, me.Thank you Glass Animals.

  262. sunny says:


  263. nora says:

    glass animals

  264. kierbo says:

    yall watch the last of us finale?

  265. Boo says:

    want to see y’all so badly

  266. Chronos says:

    This website tickles my brain my guy, and also gives off like heavy acid use vibes lol

  267. AnnAnomaly says:

    Really hoping to catch a concert at your next tour! Love y’all!

  268. ahowlknight says:

    Hi! I’m suppose to be studying for my math test lol

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    Love your music
    and, anyone reading this, hope you’re having a good day <3

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    Currently making a custom home printed cassette of your album, sorry I couldn’t spend cash on your actual ones but this is the most fun I’ve had with a project for a long time. Love you all and keep dreaming!

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    It’s nice to find evidence that cherry existed. I’m not on social media much so one day it was there and the next it was gone. I felt crazy when I realized because usually when new music is released it’s all I listen to but I just forgot about cherry as soon as I stopped listening to it and it took me a long time to realize it was missing. When I tried to find it and could only find I don’t wanna talk I was confused but remember thinking that I liked I don’t wanna talk better than cherry. I didn’t remember what cherry sounded like or even that it was the same song redone, all I could remember was that it existed. It was driving me insane trying to find anything that proved it was real and only seeing old Reddit posts, Instagram captions, etc saying that people were so excited to hear cherry, and then there was nothing. No I love this new song cherry, no posting the lyrics, it was gone. In my mind I don’t wanna talk also made it to Spotify before cherry and I remember both of them being in a single together, clicking on a single called I don’t wanna talk and seeing two songs, idwt and cherry. I played it for my sister and she doesn’t remember it. I had to stop thinking about it and try to forget it happened because I felt so crazy, like I had hallucinated the whole thing or jumped timelines. Maybe I did. Some of your songs get into this part of my brain that is insane and wild like a person raised by animals and drive me crazy and cherry wormed right into that spot without existing. Still to this day it haunts me. I saw a TikTok the other day of someone giving a tour of all their tattoos. Most of them were normal and made sense, matching cowboy hat with their friend, portrait of their cat, etc. One was a pair of cherries attached at the stem. The only commentary written for that one was “for all my cherry listeners out there.” What the fuck does that mean. Who else is out there. Who are the cherry listeners. It’s just me, that TikTok was for me to see. I’m constantly getting drawn back into this borderline psychosis. Cherry means something to me but I don’t know what, I mourn the loss of something I never knew, there is a hole in my brain that is cherry shaped but I don’t know what filled that space before. In ten years maybe I will look back and find that the tattoo was on my own body.

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    one of my new favorite things. i’m in my first year of college, and with my adhd and anxiety and the insomnia they cause, this album was a big part of what got me through the last semester. walking outside in the cold at 4am listening to this album calmed me down like nothing else. it takes a special kind of music to soak through all the self-loathing and remind a person that the world is good, and they have a place in it. <3

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    NB: my 3 years old son is always dancing at Heat Waves song (this is his favourite song in the world!)
    Thanks for all!

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    buc ee’s coffee
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    who built this? there’s so much effort gone into this site. I really wanna know

  428. zurqa says:

    I am Japanese. Athlete crush said he listens to Glass Animals, so I started listening too. The Glass Animals song (especially dreamland) makes me sad because it evokes memories about him, but I love the songs

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    holyshite i love your opensource site, it is so unique and perfect. i just love these ‘windows 95’ vibes. It’s like traveling back in time to my childhood, when i used a computer only to draw Masterpieces in MS Paint. and when i had to ask permission from adults to use the computer at all

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    Hello, you demigods! Come to Medford, Oregon sometime – so many of us would be thoroughly blessed. I cannot wait to hear your new work. You are all really, truly magnificent. Thank you for reviving modern age music for those looking for novel, metaphysical experiences.

    With idolatry,
    A Loving Devotee

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    well done guys!! can’t wait for the new album!!!! 👀👀❤️❤️

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    I went to the Melbourne GA concert on 19/7/2022 and it was amazing!!!!

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    Hiii! I’m so glad I found this! It’s currently 3 am and “Mama’s gun” is playing. Have a great day/night everyone!!

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    one day i’ll be able to sit on a rooftop with a cup of OJ listening to one of your songs while watching the sunset B)

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    When I listen to this musci I feel like, im there? It’s hard to expalan but its just a really nice mjusic. And, very underated. Like people only know them for “heatwaves” but their other songs are so good! Like tokyo Drifting, life itslef. My favorite album is “how to be a human being” And from that “the toehr side of paradise” I want to make mjusic too. Music like this. That give me nostaligia. <3

  486. Jojo says:

    I’m obsessed. And this website is so awesome👌🏻

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    HI !!!!! this is a rlly cool website 🙂 love u guys’ music, keep it up!!!!! <3 <3

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  494. @AbstractOasisArt (Stevie) says:

    Glass Animals you inspire me endlessly. There’s been a lot of personal healing done on late nights, eating acid, and painting while I listen to your music all night. I got to see you over a year ago and it was one of the hardest days of my life, but I am so glad I decided to still go to the concert. I am so looking forward to the next time you come to Virginia. I miss you

  495. tara says:

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    You guys make great songs for a sexy time playlist

  500. cintia :) says:

    i’ve been severely depressed lately and glass animals music has really been my support during this time. and for months i hadn’t felt any joy or happiness or surprise until i discovered this whole website. thank you so much, you guys are literal life-savers. hope to see you on live soon!!
    – regards from spain, with so much love<3

    pd: it's going to get better 🙂

  501. Daniel-kat says:

    wow… so much horse

    Saludos desde Paraguay!

    hi people hi davey, Im cat

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    Glass Animals is an amazing band.
    In only 3 albums, they’ve solidified a place as a massive inspiration for so many bands and so many people. Thanks 🙂

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    This website and you all slay

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    (I have autism)

  508. Natalya says:

    for several years i listened to just one of their songs. it was ‘the other side of paradise’. recently i started expanding my musical horizons and i listened all their albums and you know what? my life will never be the same again (and it’s a wonderful feeling). Glass Animals are so incredible, and idk how to describe my love for them. maybe i’m just hyperfixing too much.
    < 3

  509. star says:

    love ur music! <3

  510. İzla says:

    OMG i love ur music guys krep going. You guys are the only solution for my souls happiness in bad days

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  515. Geoff says:

    Sometimes, all I think about… is…

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    Love your guys’ music! Keep it up!

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    You saved me. Thank you

  518. andrew says:

    miss u guys everyday. thank you so much for everything, cant wait to see whats next

  519. alexander ;D says:

    your music have gotten me through lots of hard times in my life
    thank u <3

  520. Adrian says:

    Boston wen

  521. FKZ says:

    Love you guys! Y’all were highkey a staple of my childhood and I’ve been listening to y’all since then!

    – By someone on the opposite of the globe

  522. Nevaeh says:

    also, when will you tour china again?TT

  523. Nevaeh says:


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    Loloved your music since the early days!

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    thx 4 the gr8 music

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    Love you guys, can’t wait to see you live

  528. Xander Poole says:

    love the website idea, do you guys have a managers email for enquiries?

  529. Bologna says:

    I stumbled in with my underwear on my head. Someone please show me the exit.

  530. Someone says:

    Hello! I don’t really know if this will even be read but I have a question. Do you guys have some sort of contract signed with Belks or something? Every time I walk up in there they are blasting “I Don’t Wanna Talk” I mean, I’m not complaining, and if anything they need to play you guys more!
    -Much Love, E

  531. avgmagician says:

    Absolutely mind bending website. Much respect as a web dev

  532. Frits says:


  533. Finn D. says:

    This band scratches this one part in my autistic brain that most artists can’t come close to itching.

    Seeing yalls music evolve since 2016, when I first started listening (I know, as a 11 year old I was way too young to be listening to yalls music, but I didnt understand it back then so *shrug*) to how it is now is astounding. Very grateful that 7 years later I get to gush abt my analysis of your music on air (college radio show), since most people IRL don’t have the attention span to hear me ramble abt your music.

    If yall can actually take the time to read all of this, thank you so much for all youve done. I’ve been sober for nearly 2 years at this point, and the songs on Zaba and HTBAHB helped me to get through a lot of shit regarding trauma and addiction recovery. When I first discovered Dream Land, it was right before I got sent to treatment, and while I was there, Heatwaves (the song) became a song that was chronically played on the radio, something I didn’t find out until 8 months after I got sent away. When I came back home, I was apprehensive to listen to the album again bc it reminded me a lot of my life right before I got sent away. But I’m so grateful that I did because I got to analyze it with a sober brain, and MAN IF THAT WASNT A TRIP IN IT OF ITSELF IDK WHAT WAS.

    Additionally, it makes me very happy to know that Andrew Smith (author dude that yall sent a signed record to) and yall have conversed, and that you guys are one of his favorite bands. I emailed him and told him about how Life Itself reminded me of one of his books and he was like “I actually love Glass Animals!” And I stimmed so hard, I was so happy. I’m smiling a lot as I’m recalling it. But anyhow, it also makes me very happy that you guys are heavily intertwined with the DSMP fandom, and that a new wave of fans can enjoy yalls music. As someone who got into that fandom bc if your music (the fic that was based on Heat Waves, I’m sure yall know the one), and has gotten back into it post treatment and is able to see it throught a new pair of eyes. I’m just so stupidly grateful that so many of my special interests are gift wrapped in a little box, filled with a band named after those tiny figurines I’d collect as a child.

    Idk man, I think it’s very ironic that your music is so nostalgic to me since it’s so heavily attached to many parts of my history, and how Dream Land is all abt nostalgia. And even though I’m now, technically, an adult, there was a massive amount of childish glee that washed over me as I was exploring every canal of your website, and freaked out even more so when I figured out where the password was intended to go!!

    Thank you for everything. I hope one day to be able to make music like yall do, and to meet you guys and just sit down and ask yall a bunch of questions. The website gave me so many answers and opened the floodgates to even more questions. Your music is genius and your brains are beautiful. Please never stop thinking.

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  535. Your Mom says:

    Go to your room

  536. Heather says:

    I cannot wait until you all your again! Hope to see you in Baltimore soon!

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    The Chad loves you

  539. Gggggvggg says:

    Queerbait bagman names Amanda flake flake flake Siam nana flame flake sham

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    GA is killing it. Thank you for making excellent music.

  541. just testing says:
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    I love u guys!!! love from kentucky

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    new show dates 😗😗?

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    guys dave’s pancake recipe is on the guest ver i believe

  546. Click says:

    hi :O
    dreamland is my comfort album<3 i love the rest of glass animals' stuff too oh my goodness you have no idea how happy i am to see this chat
    i also really like htbhb.
    dave's 2do list is exactly how my brain works, yay.
    thanks for being amazing y'all

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    Hope I get to see y’all in concert one day! Xoxo

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    You guys did it. Now read Godel Escher Bach

    Time to complete the story!

  558. MATTTHELABRAT says:

    Hello GA you guys make me so happy! (the fans are so cool!!!)

  559. Anonymous says:


  560. Wavey Lissey says:

    Hi! I’d like to tell a fun fact: when I heard you playing Gooey for the first time at Andalucia Big Festival, a coconut smell come to me suddenly. I thought I was trapped by your “tropical” aura (u know, neon palms, pineapples…) and I thought…is this real or is my brain? Then I realized that it was some coconut flavoured redbull that someone should be drinking near me. It was casualty but also completed my dreamland experience. Now I’m a huge fan of you guys since only one month ago 🙂 wish I could discovered you before!! Ps: as a guitar musician and graphic designer I really appreciate your whole artwork, it’s amazing and very inspiring

  561. your mother :) says:

    hey guys we need daves pancake recipe

  562. SirSparky says:

    You can drag the pancake recipe out of the trash. B)

  563. The Impostor says:

    some of the world’s biggest mysteries:
    1.) The ghost ship Mary Celeste.
    2.) What’s the deal with the Bermuda Triangle?
    3.) What is Dave’s Pancake Recipe?

  564. Psyllabugger says:

    this site is soooo cool !! love it lots :,3
    wish more peeps on the net made cool sites like this instead of those bland modern ones tbh (those things are straight up soulless; we needa bring back the 90s & early 2000s pizzazz!)

  565. the cooler skylar says:

    hey chat i like dreamland real life edition

  566. Katie F says:

    Hi!! Love your music doin an annual check up on the website 🙂

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    Can’t wait to see you again!

  568. Nukechicken says:

    Love listening to your music while I work

  569. shanks1940 says:

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  570. em says:

    i remember first listening to ur music in high school- i was house sitting for a family friend, had some friends over to smoke and drink (as 16 year olds do) and one of my friends played black mambo. crazy that it’s been almost 7 years since i first heard you. anyways i have dreamland brain root and just wnated to thank u 🙂

  571. Seth says:

    I like pie

  572. mars says:

    hearing pools live would make my life complete

  573. RAGD01l says:

    cool music, cool website ;D

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  575. cryptiplier says:

    honestly, i consider this guestbook the internet checkpoint. anyways hot gay ppl come be my friend. i like art, markiplier, unus annus, deftones, gorillaz, ass glanimals, poetry and the stars. u can find me if u look hard enough, im sure <3 (hint: try twitter. verify its me by messaging me 'wavey davey's on fire' !!

  576. h4x04 says:

    –;”DROP TABLE WaveyDaveysNewAlbum”–


  577. connor says:

    cant wait for the new album!!!\
    love ya dave
    btw to anyone who wants a ga discord server
    he has an account (this is the actual thing, it isn’t fake) no seriously tho
    he has friends turned off but heres the tag waveydavey#0677
    have fun

  578. michael says:

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    Dreamland shows in Canada this summer were the most fun I’ve ever had. Come back soon 💜

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    Hello. I am in computer science principals right now, but this is way more important. I just guessed your password FIRST TRY!!! LOL. Hee hee. Har Har. thanks wavey davey. love ya.

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    Glad to have been at ur last uk dreamland show xxx can’t wait for ur new album!!! Gonna be fuckin epiccc!!

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    Excited for your next tour, with either new album or not. Love from Florida Man!

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    Hi! I absolutely love your music, it’s helped me expand my creativity throughout the years and encourages me to keep doing what I love! Keep up the great work, I hope I can see you on tour one day!

  602. glenn says:

    heyy!! i just wanted to say that glass animals is probably one of my favourite bands and i just really love you guys. thank you for making amazing music!!

  603. says:


  604. charles says:

    i wanna say thanks, thanks for making some of the best music i have ever heard. that k’s for helping me. thanks for giving all of us everything here. thank you <3

  605. Fellow says:

    Hey Gamers

  606. kayla says:

    hi 🙂 love your music so much, your original interactive site has been an inspiration to me for so long, before i became a graphic designer. love the new one too <3

  607. :-) says:

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  608. Caseodip says:

    Dropping in to say how dope the site is. Tbh did not start listening until Heat Waves and I must say I’m disappointed to not have listened sooner. Been hooked on the current and previous albums since – keep up the solid tunes =D

  609. max says:

    can’t wait for more tours!! hopefully you guys come back to texas <3

  610. idk says:

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  620. Andrei and Iza says:

    Hi from Berlin

  621. Aisling Mac Seoin says:

    Just saw ye at Electric Picnic in Ireland ! Best performance of the whole weekend 👏🏻🙌🏻

  622. raiinywainy says:

    thisll be long
    i hope you guys understand how much we love your music. ive been listening since i was 9 and it saved me from attempts. its relatable and it’s good , and i love it so much. you being able to put music out there that you like writing and that you enjoy preforming that helps other people is magical. you all saved my life. i love you guys so much. seeing you in AVL in march was a magic experience and i hope i get to do it again. seeing how music helps people, even younger generations [im 13] is truly something fucking wild. i hope you know that. <3 all my love- rain.

  623. yas says:

    come back 2 asheville we love you

  624. Spicy micey says:

    Roll tide

  625. Miki says:

    Hope I can see you live sometime!

  626. Black Jacque says:

    hiiii I luv ur songs :DD

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    happy over 6 yrs to how to be a human being its so nice to see my favorite band grow up and become this popular well known group!

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    Didn’t manage to get tickets for village underground. Love u guys 😀

  641. Chris (From up North) says:

    Friend, I’m so bummed that I missed your performance in Boston. Come back to New England soon, eh? You guys are great and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

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    I’m in love with this website! (and your music!)

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    This is the best website I’ve ever seen. Not only does your music slap, but you’re also hilarious? 10/10

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    Saw you guys at spinoff recently in Adelaide. So good, please come back next year

  651. Anonymous says:

    Love your music, it’s all i’ve been listening to for the past couple of weeks.

  652. Lucy says:

    Feel like a clever clever cookie to write here

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  657. BladeTheBun says:

    I can’t wait to hear more music from y’all’s! My favorite by far is Agnes!

  658. zaba enthusiast says:

    please inject black mambo into my veins mr. bayley sir it is a work of art 🙂

  659. Anon says:


  660. dave2 says:

    holy crap, you guys kept everything here

  661. Sexilexi says:

    At Brooklyn mirage on 8/9, EPIC!!! Plz release more music.

  662. A says:

    Might see you in Berlin on the 5th!

  663. ruina says:

    this site rules

  664. Ethan (Skytz) says:

    I NEED MORE STUFF LIKE HOW TO BE A HUMAN BEING GLASS ANIMALS. By far your best album 🙂 listened to you guys for 5 almost 6 years now haha <3

  665. E says:

    Dang, to bad I’m not in Austria. I would kill to see a concert!
    -Much Love💗

  666. Anonymous says:


  667. Anonymous says:

    hey ass glaninals u stink thanks for noticing – your number one fan

  668. Perlita@tangerine says:

    Spring when you guys visited the east coast and I got to see you play was one of those few amazing moments. Keep going never stop unless ya need a break then tots but anyways 💃💃💃

  669. Lee says:

    Ur music is epic yall
    im convinced you guys can’t make a bad song

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  675. Truly Open Source Fan says:

    You should put up the source for the site on git under a GNU GPL license so we can make some apps for your desktop!

  676. Phil says:

    Ya killed it at mirage, can’t wait to tool around with this PC and uncover all its secrets 😉

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    Seeing you for my birthday at BK mirage TONIGHT!!

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    Yall were fantastic in Cincy! Had a great time! Blew us away, only wish it was longer haha!

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    I saw you guys live on the 19th of July in Australia and it was one of the best experiences of my life!!! my dad and I went and the seats were restricted view in section 20 at the John cain arena and it was so amazing I literally cried during heat waves

  695. Anonymous says:

    balls in yo jaws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  696. Colette St. Clair says:

    I know you guys won’t see this but I started listening to your music before Heat Waves blew up. Day 1 listener. Contact me @stclaircolette@gmail.com if you want a vocal for your upcoming album. Also this website design is really dope.

  697. Nevaeh says:

    I saw you in Toronto on the 2nd, you guys were awesome <3

  698. crypt1dkid says:

    GUYS im getting the vinyl for my bday, its on the 29th, wish me a happy bday down here in australia!!

  699. Anonymous says:

    the password is horse

  700. laura says:

    love you guys so much <3

  701. Taylor says:

    well aint this fun

  702. BayRo711 says:

    Awesome show in Cincy on August 3rd!!! Great to meet you afterwards, you are truly truly a special human being, you made my daughter realize there is more to the world than what you can see right in front of you in small town Ohio 🙂

  703. stephanie says:

    love yall so much

  704. ness :) says:

    please please please come to boston or grand rapids you guys are so amazing and i love dreamland so much it’s so comforting to me <3

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    hi saw u all at lolla and it was amazing pls come to boston pls and ty <3

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    Please reissue your HTBAHB and Zaba albums on vinyl!

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  714. Cookie Coaster says:

    I dont want to work baby I just want to dance!
    Glass Animals show, back of the venue where there is enough room to perform the interpretive dances that flow through me from your music!
    Nothing better than that. Those are the moments I live for.

  715. Orange Cast (: says:

    Not even a torn Achilles is gonna stop me from seeing Glass Animals in Toronto

  716. daria says:

    can’t wait for their brooklyn mirage show!

  717. Mayabella says:

    Finally going through this site on desktop!! It’s so cool!!

  718. Ruben says:

    Well this was neat

  719. RIO says:

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  720. Seth Whit says:

    Hey Dave, nice sandwich!

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    Loved you guys at Osheaga! Glad to finally see you guys live. Much love!

  722. Ethan says:

    Just saw you guys at Osheaga! What an experience! (P.S I want one of Dave’s guitar picks)

  723. Tommy & Veronica says:

    we saw you in phoenix and we love your website. the synths made us cry. love from arizona<3

  724. Mark says:

    hiii!!!! i really love Glass Animals and i cant wait to listen to your future songs <3

  725. Elliot W says:

    Hope I can see you guys live again! Freedom hill was beyond beautiful. Such a talented group of people. Much love

    Glowing Regards

  726. Bears and her bf says:

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    come back to minneapolis please i miss you

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  733. Aditya says:

    Hi everyone!!

  734. sadie says:

    im back for another signing… you guys mean everything to me and im glad i get to be apart of your amazing fandom. i am very bored rn, if you have any ideas of what to do- hit me up

  735. Sal says:

    y’all are the best thank u for everything

  736. sal says:

    hi u wished me happy birthday in chicago Ty for the best night of my life

  737. izzy says:

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    I LOVE this website. June is over guys 🙁

  745. Cullen says:

    Red rocks was the best night of my life

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  750. Easter Bunny 🐰 says:

    If I had to deliver eggs to you they would be solid gold and full of money and I would still feel terrible for not giving you something better. (Is an egg shaped mansion anything of interest?)

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    you guys should come to alberta one day!! love you and your music!!!! <3

  752. Tatiana says:

    Love your music <3

  753. Ethan says:

    Hello from Mexico! Really nice music 🙂

  754. Valeria says:

    Love you all so much!! you are the music I play when I need to lift my spirits!! Everything you do is gold!
    Sending love from Argentina, Hoping to see you around!! <333

  755. L4Zy_W0rK3r says:

    Just discover this group and I´m loving every song

    Love from Belgium <333333

  756. bruh says:


  757. kreepy says:


  758. MintyFresh says:

    Sending love from Oregon

  759. Anastasia Mikels says:


  760. ass danimals glaminals says:

    peepee 🙂

  761. Casey🪄✨ says:

    Hi ass glanimals!!!! I will never ASK for a song, cuz that is weak sauce as fuck, but listen chicago lolla is less than a week away and im so very fucking excited to see my gods perform. So in a prayer fashion, putting good energy into maybe possibly hearing waterfalls on friday???? I just got broken up with by my straight roommate after a summer fling and imma be hella depressed, but im doing mdma and lsd for your show in anticipation. I love you guys so much and i hope you are thriving

  762. Clara🖤 says:

    you should come to italy >:(

  763. lillli says:

    saw your sydney night 1 show last week, absolutely amazing!!! love you guys xx

  764. Kita says:

    Currently jamming to the Dreamland album, they are all such bangers. Wish I could have caught you in Aussie, would love to see guys back again.

  765. Annabel says:

    Saw you at Spin-Off in Adelaide and have been reliving the set all weekend since. Your music has moved mountains for me. Honestly can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait to see you again. Sm love <333 xx

  766. Lily says:

    seeing y’all play live is on my bucket list. that is all. xo

  767. Bella says:

    Have listened to your songs from my high school age, now I’m graduated from my university… You guys are so incredible, thank you for appearing in my life

  768. Joey says:

    I saw you at Sydney night.2 and Spin off yesterday in Adelaide – obsessed with your sound and music! please come back to Australia again soon! xx – Joey

  769. Erin says:

    Got to see you at spin-off last night and have never been happier in my life thank you

  770. leo says:

    really can’t wait to see a show live some day. hopefully brisbane shows outside of splendour in the grass <3

  771. mikayla says:

    sydney night 2 was incredible, cannot wait until you guys come back, honestly best night ever, love you guys

  772. tetrahedron says:


  773. oligopolis says:

    yall should come to seattle 🥺

  774. shady says:

    hi!!! i just want to say your sydney show #2 was one of the best nights of my life. your music has helped me get through so many challenging times; thank you for everything <3 enjoy the rest of AUS

  775. xefros says:

    Can’t wait to see you at Paris soon!! A lot of your songs have always resonated a lot of feelings within me and I haven’t stopped listening to you since I’ve discovered glass animals. And that’s coming from someone who loses interests very easily btw

  776. Kris says:


  777. moon says:

    ahh thank you kings, i met dave on 16/7 after the show with some friends and you were so fucking kind, thank you for dreamland. this album has held my hand for the past year and a half and the show had me honestly speachless you guys were amazing <333

  778. Juliette says:

    I dont listen to ur music but this website is so sick thank u for providing all this content its so fun to play around with. will definitely check out ur stuff

  779. Joe... Mamma says:

    CUN Brooklyn

  780. Meow says:

    Cool website!!

  781. Lucy S says:

    Just watched you guys in Melbourne on Tues, The most amazing night ever!!

  782. Bee🍍 says:

    If glass animals kicked me down the stairs and lit me on fire, I’d apologize. Loving the website aesthetic 💛🧡

  783. soup soup says:

    COME BACK TO CALIFORNIA i cant believe u guys would schedule the ventura show on my last day of finals </3

  784. Santa says:

    Hi this is Santa, we at the north pole found out you like music…. so do we. How about a little collaboration with me and the elves???

  785. Santi says:

    I love you guys, please come to Uruguay

  786. o0O0o says:

    See you in Chicago!!!

  787. anne says:

    please come to maryland or virginia i would love to see you guys in person <3

  788. romy says:

    Your songs have gotten me thru some rough times <3 love u all

  789. Agony says:

    Please come to China !!!!Here are so much fans of you guys please!!!!!!

  790. olivia says:

    dave i love u

  791. Wasp says:

    Come back to Melbourne, like super soon please!!!! <3

  792. Massimo says:

    your music helped me go through tough moments in my life, thank you

  793. Anonymous says:

    Come back to seattle

  794. Amy says:

    bro don’t go to spain, they don’t even speak english lol

  795. Eg says:

    I love listening to your music while doing my daily tasks and can’t wait to be able to see you guys in concert. Thank you for making such awesome music!

  796. Anonymous says:

    this website looks cool.. is it inspired from Mr Robot?

  797. Anonymous says:

    “I’ve done the wrong focking verse” – Dave, Melb 2022 concert

  798. jamie says:

    i love you guys so much! your melbourne show last night was the happiest ive been in a long time, im forever grateful <3

  799. Anonymous says:

    Melb show was amazing, please come back again sometime soon!

  800. kreepy says:

    yoou realy prank us when you didnt play heat waves but then you actually did yesterday, he he.

  801. me says:

    insane melb show

  802. talia says:

    thank you so much for the incredible melbourne show, i’ve been looking forward to seeing you guys for YEARS

  803. regan says:

    love you guys <3 melb show was incredible please come again

  804. Neve says:

    Melb show was amazing!!!

  805. tangerine ;) says:

    melb show was actually amazing !! come back to melb soon 😀

  806. Fwancis says:

    Pwease comwe twoo neww zealannd mwister davey /j

  807. Jimmy Recard says:

    melbourne was epic, thanks guys !!!!! <3 <3

  808. Dejwi says:

    Saw you at the Open’er Festival. IT WAS A BOMB. Hope to see you again soon x

  809. #1GlassAnimalsFan says:

    I love your song Heat Waves and I almost vibe to it 100 times every day.

    I love you guys!

  810. Jahanvi says:

    im in love with this website and you guys!!

  811. crob says:

    hi I think this is very cool and you guys are very cool thank you

  812. Matt says:

    Just saw you guys in Melbourne
    Show was absolutely awesome!

  813. Riley Thomson says:

    Melbourne show was fantastic can’t wait for you guys to come back it was an amazing experience

  814. Anonymous says:

    dope show

  815. Jay says:

    Just got home from the Melbourne show! You guys rocked. Been listening to you since the Zaba days and have always wanted to see you live. You did not let me down! Thankyou so much, was a fantastic show!

  816. vi says:

    wowzers epik

  817. Penny says:


  818. Amber and Matt says:

    Just been gifted by your absolutely bopping Melbourne show <3 We travelled a long way to be here (Play at Brisbane next time pretty please :P) (It doesn't really matter anyway we would do anything to see you) and it was worth it to see you gorgeous people, who brought me to tears screaming and singing along to the songs I have listened to everyday. Matt and I will remember this night for the rest of our lives, thankyou so much for your works of art that are your music, they bring everyone closer together, and it means so much that you put so much passion and effort and style into everything you do <3 We all love you xoxo

  819. noir 🍒 says:

    just got out of the melbourne show. my life has peaked. i have nothing else to achieve. poplar st live brought me to tears. the other side of paradise !!!!! the lil differences in the spacy guitar to the studio version !!! i dont wanna talk !!!!!! thank u to the band (and to sycco who played a WONDERFUL opener) for sharing their music with the world and for putting their all into this awesome show

  820. Vili says:

    I really hope to see you on tour one day – would be life time experience. The whole Dreamland album is a story which as sad as it is gave me so much energy and power to push through the darkest times <3

  821. Ramenbowl2010 says:

    You have made my year ten times better, especially before I go for my biopsy at the end of July.
    All of your music makes me feel like I’m in a “Dreamland” of my own.
    Thank You Glass Animals!
    <3 <3 <3

  822. lex says:

    i bought a ticket for today but got covid HELP MEEE

  823. KC says:

    AYOO they brought out the pineappplleee

  824. Larinda says:

    Currently waiting for you to make your way to the stage! So stoked to see you guys perform <3 :3

  825. Daemon says:

    Are the animals rlly glass

  826. Beth says:

    Fuck me in the ass Davey!!!!!

  827. lucks says:

    seeing u in Adelaide too can u hurry up and come on stage in melb tho pls thanks love ya x

  828. Will says:


  829. Daemon says:

    I’m at the concert please suck my toes

  830. Zaba jacket person says:

    kaju my favourite song is also toes it is uh fun

  831. Rohan says:

    Love ya work

  832. Ben M says:

    Poggers as lads, good little Easter egg.

  833. Kate Ect says:

    Waiting a the Melbourne show glad to know all of y’all are here

  834. Madi and Jack says:

    We’ve been trying to reach you about your extended horse warranty

  835. D says:

    Anyone know the secret word

  836. Luke says:

    If you’re at the melb show ur cute, wanna get a drink later x

  837. Luke (Dutchy) H says:

    Currently waiting for the Melb show to start. Love y’all tonnes! <3

  838. Gemma + Kate says:

    At the Melbourne concert, chookas ❤️✨

  839. Kaju says:

    Having my favorite song called ‘toes’ is very amusing 😀

  840. Milly says:

    Hoping to see u in Paris !! <3

  841. K says:

    Is your mum single

  842. Madi_240 says:

    8:01, show time!!

  843. Nico says:

    Wooroloo my first concert since the start of covid!!

  844. zara says:

    7:59 in melb hi everyone!!!

  845. normilicious says:

    soon tm

    glass animals gonna so fuckng cool. am very excite

  846. Zaba jacket person says:


  847. Amber and Matt says:

    It was such an amazing experience travelling a long way to see you gorgeous people in Melbourne (come to Brisbane next time please :P) Thankyou for the best concert we have ever been too and thankyou for gifting us such bopping, inspiring, and sick music that we listen too everyday.We love you!!

  848. Cat says:

    been waiting for this day for ages!! love from melbourne from me and my best friend in the world

  849. rp says:

    Currently 7:53 here in melb. This is gonna be sick

  850. Thomas Uhr-Henry says:

    Heat waves all I think about is you, you guys are amazing love you all, Thomas

  851. Mookey says:

    Goooooooooooo go assglanimals 😍😍 Melbourne show let’s go

  852. chloe says:

    this concert was even better than playing subway surfers 🙂

  853. Alysha says:

    So excited to finally be at a Glass Animals show! Love from Melbourne

  854. Remy says:

    Waiting for the Melbourne concert to start with my new merch and I am soooooo keeeeeen! So happy I finally get to see you guys live! I have my little wave ring on and everything in the heat waves spirit <3

  855. -brendan says:

    Me when the animals are glass

  856. Aliciq Caffery says:

    Super excited for the show tonight, you guys are awesome, love your music, it’s such a vibe and makes me happy when I listen to it, p.s. please invite me to the after party 🙂 let’s be best friends

  857. Nora says:

    Really proud to be here – So excited!!!

  858. Jade H yesyes says:

    Currently just waiting for the Melbourne concert to start and I’m super excited! Really happy I’ve been able to make this.

  859. AVERY says:

    Just arrived at the concert!! My first concert ever!! So excited aaaa

  860. Rowan says:

    Currently at the concert in Melbourne AUS, with my best friend, literally so hyped, ty so much for coming to AUS!! <33

  861. Fae says:

    Love the music <3

  862. Lili says:

    Went to the concert in Melbourne hasn’t started yet but I love the vibe. I relate to your guys songs so much and it has really given me an easy escape from the world

  863. Rach & Lou says:

    Love your work! Melb, Aus 🧡

  864. lily bettess says:

    waiting for the show in melbourne 🙂 they are playing in an hour, i hope it’s great!!

  865. Leah G says:

    Hello I’m on the floor catching some Pokémon before the show lol

  866. Ethan Imbriano says:

    Live laugh loving dreamland 🤠

  867. Imogene :p says:

    Heyo! Sitting in Melbourne floor waiting for y’all! Have a wonderful evening!

  868. Emma R says:

    thank you guys for being so swag :))

  869. Jess :) says:

    Bless up

  870. NatalieMason says:

    Im glass bingus

  871. Cait says:

    Omg I love this band 🖤

  872. emma says:

    super fly extra fly

  873. Rose says:

    Just went to the concert in Perth AUS with my best friend and it was such an experience to remember!! Thank you for coming to us first in AUS <33

  874. vy says:

    Really hope to see a show eventually!

  875. brooke says:

    hey! i went to the DC show this march and it was amazing! love you guys so much, never change! how lucky are we to live in the same lifetime 😀

  876. clara:) says:

    ahh i really hope i can go to the berlin concert in september! i got the tickets for christmas but since it was postponed, idk if i can go :(((

  877. Kate the Great says:

    Sydney show was amazing. Such a slay.

  878. Anonymous says:

    The soundscape’s like being in a fever, a fever dream

  879. andi says:

    yall are really swaggy and your music is bitchin. keep up the great work

  880. LuckySun says:

    Yeah! Ive visit ga’s website!!!
    Love u dave
    love daisydai too(

  881. v says:

    i wake up. listen to glass animals. sleep. repeat.

  882. Lex says:

    I love ur music so much it’s inspiring & helps me feel happy 🙂

  883. Chris on Behalf of Daniel says:


  884. Ella Ruby says:

    Glass animals will be my first concert since before covid !!

  885. Rhona says:

    Brilliant way to connect with lovers of your music. I’m old enough to remember desktops like this 🤣

  886. Jessie🤍 says:

    OMG! This is the most creative site I’ve ever seen!!!!!!

  887. Arj says:

    This is officially the best website known to mankind

  888. B says:


  889. B says:

    Can’t believe I finally got to see Glass Animals LIVE! I cried when y’all came on stage. Thanks for visiting Australia.

  890. SpongeBob says:

    Missed the concert…

  891. kai says:

    saturday concert in sydney was amazing. been hyped for so long since you guys are my favourite band!! come back to Australia soon pls I’d do anything to see you guys live again

  892. caitlyn says:

    saw you on saturday, first concert ever I loved it <333

  893. cinna says:

    gdgc meetup at glass animals. we love you. july 16, 2022

  894. vector says:


  895. Zee says:

    The Sunday concert was absolutely INSANE!!! Your stage presences are so incredible and I’m so glad I was finally able to catch you guys live!!

  896. hope says:

    wildest experience of my life. you and sycco played so incredibly well. best night of my life <3

  897. Sabrine says:

    I celebrated my bday at the concert on Sunday! I had a great time! I’m originally from Brazil, living in Australia. Much luv for u guys xxx

  898. Charmayne and Atlas says:

    Had an amazing time at the concert on Saturday!!!

  899. Mars says:

    My first concert ever! 7 years of being a fan has culminated in the greatest night of my life, thank you so much!
    Come back to Sydney sometime – I would give anything to see y’all again.

  900. Wrick says:

    You guys are freaking awesome! <3

  901. Otta says:

    I have been to many concerts. But yours have been by far the best that I have ever witnessed. I did not even know you before Poland 2022 but am now considering going anywhere I have time next time to see you again. Amazing experience. <3 thanks

  902. Joanna says:

    You guys are sick as hell. Thanks for making my first concert at Sydney amaaaazing. Energy was insane!!! Also I’m so excited that I got to see Dave’s dancing in person finally. Come back to Sydney soon! We love you here <3

  903. Joanna says:

    You guys are fucking sick as hell. Thanks for making my first concert at Sydney amaaaazing. Energy was insane!!! Also I’m so excited that I got to see Dave’s dancing in person finally. Come back to Sydney soon! We love you here <3

  904. Joanna says:

    Thanks for making the Sydney show so fucking great. Energy was insane!!! Was my first concert and I was so excited to see Dave’s epic opening dance to other side of paradise in person for myself haha. Come back to Sydney again we love you here <3

  905. Alice says:

    Absolutly loved the show ot Opener. you guys were definitly our highlight! you are pretty much the soundtrack to when my boyfriend and i met so it was awesome seeing you live.

  906. Sofie says:

    Currently listening to helium, feeling good

  907. Боба says:

    Классный сайт

  908. Kai (˃̵ᴗ˂̵) says:

    Thanks for making my first ever concert such an amazing experience! Hope you all enjoyed it too! Love from Australia <3 ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

  909. Shaan K says:

    Show was awesome, loved every bit. Wish I could say I had a favourite song but they’re all my favourite!

  910. Kat says:

    The show was amazing, thank you!

  911. Jayden says:

    Seen you guys both nights, yous were amazing!

  912. M and N says:


  913. Lemon says:


  914. T says:

    Here with R, K, H, L and Z!

  915. Maeve says:

    came from Brisbane to see you guys at Sydney night 2 – let’s goooooo

  916. Sozza says:

    Flew down from Brisbane to see this! Big yes!

  917. bubbas 1730 says:

    First comment of the night – excited!!!!

  918. Matthew says:

    From the beginning of the concert I can tell that it’s going to be a good time. Can’t wait to see what’s in store

  919. rosie says:

    been a big fan since 2016 and finally seeing u guys live <3 favourite band fr

  920. gabby says:

    love you

  921. What’s up says:

    Hey I like your shirt

  922. Hannah New says:

    Waiting for you guys to come on stage 🥹 so so excited, see you soooon

  923. Kate Newman says:

    This is super cool! I’ve been a fan since 2019 and it’s amazing to finally be able to see Glass Animals live! Look forward to the show!

  924. HK AND SK says:


  925. Hi and sk says:


  926. Haanee khan, sanji KULKARNI says:

    Glitter just for u baes- hAANEE, SANJI

  927. emma says:

    are u guys digital farm animals?

  928. Grace says:

    Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  929. Jerrry says:

    Had the best time!! Can’t wait for you guys to come back to Sydney 🙂

  930. Caitlyn says:

    Best night ever. Thank you for an awesome night 🙂

  931. top 0.001% on spotify says:

    the Show was so amazing!!!!! cant wait till you come back to sydney

  932. April says:

    thank you for the best night ever! love you guys

  933. Mim says:

    Thanks for an amazing night, hopefully you come back to Sydney soon

  934. Chachi girl says:

    Thanks for an epic night

  935. k8 bro says:

    come to florida!!!

  936. RJ says:

    Come to the west coast!!! Washington/Oregon

  937. Tom says:


  938. Shruggie says:

    Heat Waves was awesome. Ty 🙂

  939. Jacinta Grace Evans says:

    Dreamland got me through 2020 and the summer of 2021. It was an absolute dream seeing you perform tonight, thank you for a wonderful show xx J

  940. ava says:

    i’ve been waiting to see you guys since 2016 and i’m so glad it’s finally happened. everyone was incredible, better than my wildest dreams and would love to see you guys again!!

  941. Shantia says:


  942. gem says:


  943. kaya 🤍 says:

    LUV U GUYS thank u for such a fantastic show <333 ur more than welcome back to sydney any time hehe

  944. Lottie says:

    Can’t believe I finally saw you guys after a long 5 year wait. It was amazing and it’s been crazy to watch you guys grow. Luv u guys!!!!!

  945. The big dog himself says:

    You dogs were absolutely mental can’t wait to see you again at splendor

  946. milojin says:

    waiting for see you guys on Tuuuuuesday 🙂 🙂 🙂
    So excited!!!

  947. madsssy says:

    this is such a fun addition makes the wait for you guys more interesting <3

  948. Anonymous says:

    This is vey fun, nice touch

  949. Jake C says:


  950. J+C says:


  951. ally and olly says:

    I just pissed on the floor in the glass animals Sydney concert someone please get the cleaner to th

  952. The big dog himself says:

    Hey ya dogs, welcome to the doghouse

  953. Holly Wright says:

    So excited!!!!

  954. Chayse + Kaide says:

    Currently waiting in the mosh for the Sydney show! So excited, can’t wait to see you guys perform! Love, Australia <3



  956. John Doe says:

    Where the Gorden pavillion lads at?

  957. bel says:


  958. finn says:


  959. Em says:

    sincerely, boobs x

  960. Katy jean says:

    slay 😉

  961. The Pinger man says:

    Selling pingers come to seat j5

  962. faye and lex says:


  963. Cuyler says:


  964. Gabe says:

    Come to wiscon, the city of Green Bay and preform at Lambeau Field, the Resch Center, or Capital Credit Union Ball Park for free! Love from wisconsin

  965. desmondlives says:

    How to be a human being is my favorite album of all time. I didn’t even use to listen to full albums before you guys.
    Thank you for everything!
    Lots of love from Uruguay <3

  966. m&j says:


  967. Elizabeth one of your biggest fans ✨✨✨ says:

    Come back to texas! 🍒🍒🍒 wait till fall tho it’s too hot now! 😘

  968. arda says:

    hi <3

  969. Lucy says:

    I absolutely love this website!

  970. Andrea Spicer says:

    Love you 😍

  971. Annasyourhomie :) says:

    Hello! Please come back to Santa Barbara, CA and play at the Bowl reallllllll soon 🙂

  972. hillary & melanie says:

    hey xoxo

  973. Gina says:

    Got tickets for me and my boyfriend to see your show in London, we’re so excited!!

  974. Lilly says:

    I went to your Perth show last night and it was my first ever concert and it was life changing you guys are literally my all time favourite band and getting to see you live was actually a dream come true so thankyou please never stop making music love you guys <33

  975. Brick says:

    Went to the Perth concert last night, it was my first concert and it was beyond awesome. Thanks for a great time 🙂

  976. Limmmmm says:

    Love you guys sad I cant go see your concerts :'(

  977. rina says:

    hi sexies

  978. basil says:

    just saw u guys at perth, best first concert ever !! <3

  979. adeezy says:

    luv u <3

  980. Lilz says:

    Love you guys sm <3

  981. Lily says:

    We loved your performance in Perth. Please come again soon 🙂
    Love you guys sm <3

  982. Anna says:

    Love you guys sm <3

  983. Celtic67 says:

    Stacey’s fucking beautiful & she likes Glass Animals so she’s cool

  984. Ns says:

    Love y’all

  985. @Elevated_Waldo says:

    @Elevated_Waldo was here

  986. lovelovelove says:

    I found this band through a random forum and the user recommended pork soda. The rest is history

  987. Elizabeth & Dan says:

    Introduced my friend to mushrooms at your Glastonbury set and the three of us had the most magical time.

  988. AmErica says:

    Cannot wait to see you at Mo Pop. Also, great website!

  989. d says:

    y’all r so cool

  990. lore updates says:

    Daily Stuu

  991. weronika says:

    marcin dubiel

  992. chloe :) says:

    first pop concert ever! loved it so much and no regrets!
    love you guys so much! come to perth again soon xx

  993. Volx says:

    Loved your energy tonight, you guys look like you’re having the time of your lives on stage and it’s infectious

  994. Alex f says:

    Show us your Australian tattoo

  995. Lexymon says:

    This is so fucking fun and cool!! Luv u 5eva <3

  996. GrandmaGrace says:

    🖋 Guestbook signed

  997. Ian says:

    At Perth. So keen!!

  998. AAAAADRIAAAAN says:

    Thank you for for coming to Perth, this is gonna be mental! 😁

  999. AnotherLemon says:


  1000. The whole Perth crowd says:

    Play the the sea shanty I’m begging you

  1001. Mel says:

    Happy Perthday 😀

  1002. yk who 🤨 says:

    shout out to Clayton best Hass teacher around hope you’re in the crowd

  1003. Jasmine and kyle says:

    Perth concert is going to be amazing

  1004. Michelle says:

    Cute dog

  1005. Michelle says:

    Love this little easter egg

  1006. Bebe Harman-Smith says:

    The QR code is BROKEN

  1007. Cammy says:

    We here waiting for y’all Davey

  1008. tejas says:

    you are the best

  1009. Elise says:


  1010. Tianè says:

    Yesss so exited 😆

  1011. Kiraleigh says:

    Literally dying to see you guys tonight

  1012. Elise Micke says:

    So bloody excitedddd 😀

  1013. Tucker says:

    1 hour til glass animals. Yew!!

  1014. It’sa me Merran says:

    Whoever put up their Insta high five @xx_merran

  1015. Eve says:

    Hi from Australia!!!!! Concert starts soon and we’re all so excited

  1016. love from perth says:


  1017. :) says:

    the email list signup has incorrectly formatted text u can’t read it

  1018. James says:

    Play song soon I am waiting

  1019. Anonymous says:

    Perth let’s goooooooo

  1020. A. X says:

    @andrewsilverwood on insta, fam

  1021. Brooke says:


  1022. Charlotte nina milly says:

    Shout out to CW

  1023. SIENNA says:


  1024. Chlox says:

    Yoooooo 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

  1025. A concerned fan says:

    How does it feel to share your name with a minion?

  1026. Ava says:

    Hope Perth is a blast!

  1027. Maddie, Keiva, Chelsea and Bonnie says:

    Chilling in GA at HBF Stadium tonight. Looking forward to the show 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧚‍♀️🙏

  1028. chad and charlotte :)) says:


  1029. Chelsea says:

    Fucking love you guys!!!

  1030. Bronson Dunkley-Cooper says:


  1031. Tianii says:

    Plz come out on time

  1032. Belbo Baggins says:


  1033. Zoeyyyy says:


  1034. Isaac says:


  1035. Gemma says:

    Slay the house down boots!!!

  1036. Cam says:

    Follow @rhizzo on tiktok slaaaayy

  1037. a fan says:


  1038. Gillian says:

    Seeing you guys live tonight in Perth! Can’t wait.

  1039. froggie xx says:

    grrr come to LA right now

  1040. Xena says:

    Please come back to Houston so she can get off my couch!

  1041. Adrianna says:

    I can’t get a job so I live with my mom. Please come back to Houston so I can get off her couch.

  1042. remi says:

    so excited to see you guys in aus next week!!

  1043. Gen says:

    Hoping you guys will come to Vegas soon! Love you! <3

  1044. Jadyn Jones :) says:

    The concert in San Antonio Texas was my favorite concert i have ever been to ! Y’all are amazing! <3

  1045. Liz and Sara says:

    Come to Upstate New York please, I’m begging you!!!! <3

  1046. Adwoa says:

    Hi Glass Animals :))

  1047. jenn says:

    counting down the days until i see yall live, (21 days rn)

  1048. Kira D. says:


  1049. p says:

    hey bffs loved ur set at opener the storm gave u some free effects please come back to poland soon we miss u already <3

  1050. quandale dingle says:


  1051. crow says:

    come to dublin pls thanks bae <3

  1052. hannah and sam says:

    we are phsycoanylizing all of ur songs and lyrics in dreamland (plus others) and are now invested in the anarchist cookboox. thabk you <3

  1053. Annika says:

    Please come to Philly ASAP (or Boston)!

  1054. Tony_Bologna says:

    Hay it me again! Just bought yalls glow in the dark vinyl! Cant wait to hear it!

  1055. Gavin says:

    I’m absolutely in love with glass animals and their style.

    hope to one day see them in person, which is something I will try and do.

    much love to everyone!

  1056. Violet says:

    i’m so hyped for the melbourne show. your music has always been there for me when i’ve needed it. pools never fails to make me feel an incredible sense of joy. i love you guys

  1057. Mia says:

    You guys are still my all time favorite band! I would love to see you guys in person again! It’s been almost a year since I saw y’all on tour!

  1058. soapy crumpet says:

    im gonna be in another country when ga performs in my home city, and in my home city 2 days before they perform in that country im going to.

  1059. Leah says:

    you guys are awesome

  1060. Nia says:

    I lov you gy s

  1061. Nia says:

    I love glass animals I love glass animals I love them so much I cant wait to see them in concert I might die I love you wavey Davey wave me wave wave Davey I love you glass animals animals love you so much I can’t stand it animas animals glad animals

  1062. Anonymous says:

    See you at mopop (for the third time) bb

  1063. GOGGY! says:

    See u in perth soon!

  1064. Sten says:

    I’m very happy for the comic sans used here. That’s real class. You should write a song about comic sans and its influence on cereal box design.

  1065. Anonymous says:


  1066. Alexia~ says:

    Yoo Glass Animals is a whole vibe while driving at night🙌🫢

  1067. dan in pdx says:

    i love sandwiches and glass animals!

  1068. Destroyer9000 says:

    What a cool website!

  1069. umiiryuu.txt says:

    This is a wonderful website,,,, woaw

    (Also, it’s always a pleasure to listen to yours songs even after a long time)

  1070. Jaliese B. says:

    I love your webpage. Y’all are so unique.

  1071. Nora says:

    love you all!

  1072. Yurt and corntoes says:

    Dave *lipbite*

  1073. Kira D. :> says:

    I am extremely excited for Thursday!!
    i cannot wait to see y’all live.

  1074. Zoey says:

    Two days til Perth!!!

  1075. bella p says:

    love yall 🙂

  1076. Aanvi says:

    Please do the London Show between 4th to 19th August please!!! You’ll change my life please!

  1077. Anonymous says:

    Since you’re not able to come to Portugal NOS Alive, you should definetly come to Portugal MEO Kalorama festival at September, I saw on your calender you don’t have any shows on September 1st, it would be awesome!

  1078. Anonymous says:

    Go on tour again soon please!!!

  1079. Anonymous says:

    see you in Melbourne!

  1080. maddie says:

    have been wanting to see you guys for years. you’re such a big inspiration for me and have been for a really long time lmao. listen to you guys all the time!! (you should play at the london music hall in london, ontario canada!)

  1081. ( @ )( @ ) says:


  1082. gemma says:

    how did i get here

  1083. ur mom says:


  1084. michael jackson says:


  1085. b says:

    1 week til Sydney!

  1086. Anonymous says:

    1 week til Sydney!!!!!!

  1087. Anonymous says:


  1088. felikx says:


  1089. Declyn says:

    Just popping in to say that Drew has been a major inspiration to me in my guitar playing adventures <3

  1090. Anonymous says:


  1091. Anonymous says:


  1092. V says:

    I have nothing but love for this group <3 Currently trying to see you in NY!!! cant wait 🙂

  1093. Anna says:

    You guys put on the best shows!! See you at Mopop <3
    Love from Michigan !!

  1094. Chanis says:

    Just saying hi!

  1095. bate says:

    see yall soon in iowa hehe

  1096. swag says:

    This is so so so so so fun! AH!

  1097. liv says:

    love you guyssss

  1098. Jamie says:

    Thank you for the wonderful music (and fun website)!! Hope to see you in concert soon xoxo

  1099. Lucas Chen says:

    I think I’m going to make every single meme possible. Awesome website design. Glass Animals (assglanimals lol) forever! P.S. Love the Wavey Davey detail in the boot up sequence

  1100. DBAGG says:

    Sick site. Love you guys!

  1101. Retail says:

    we’re all leaving this workplace soon! yyyeeeyy!

  1102. Adam says:

    one of the coolest artist’s websites I’ve ever seen. Pretty unique! Been a fan since 2017

  1103. Branson says:

    This site just makes me want to draw nonstop for a few hours

  1104. TheFascinatingFangirl says:

    well it’s pretty clear who is gonna be top of my spotify wrapped this year and sittin in the top 5 songs spots

  1105. Cal says:

    Never wanted a sandwich cursor so bad in my life

  1106. ViridianPeaches says:

    Loved y’all since 2016!!!

  1107. julez says:

    shoutout to comic sans

  1108. forklore says:

    stream folklore by taylor swift yuhhh

  1109. Paulina says:

    I so love this and your music! I hope to go to a concert sometime!

  1110. Aanvi says:

    Why did you change your London show date!! No please😭😭😭😭 I’m only there from 4th to 19th Please 😭😭😭

  1111. Y says:

    Yesssssss! Thank you for bringing me back to the early 2000s internet!

  1112. Ya boi snick says:

    This site is dope dawg

  1113. Smez says:

    I am sad you are not coming to Brisbane but everything else about you and your music and this website makes me very very happy

  1114. iamsiamgamerz says:

    I loving your song
    Favourite song : Heat Waves
    You are good at singing
    You just need a better face that this!

  1115. itootalot says:

    uwu thx for being super chill

  1116. Kuba says:

    This is the best thing i ever seen

  1117. William says:

    This site is so cool, it really takes you back on time!!

  1118. Anonymous says:


  1119. Anonymous says:

    Heyooo I love this 🙂

  1120. Tyler says:

    Quite a legend, both for the site and the music

  1121. Ash says:

    This website is so cool!! Really brings me joy!!

  1122. A Fan says:

    This website though. Amazing.

  1123. Carla says:

    I love this website so much! You all bring joy into my life in the most unpredictable ways – thank you <3

    I hope one day I can see you live in NYC, until then, please stay safe and I love you guys.

  1124. @Rodraark says:

    Nothing to say but that I’m kinda in a weird place mentally rn but I’m listening to GA music and it’s helping immensely. And I also came here for the vibes bc it makes me feel better. Hope I’ll see you guys in a show soon, the one I had tickets to got cancelled:( But I’m hoping I’ll get an even better opportunity to see a show of yours ++++ to anyone reading this: hope you’re having a great day/evening/night & you’re awesome cause you’re here <3

  1125. Kenny Doodles says:

    I came here for the website, stayed for the vibes

  1126. buggy says:

    You guys were my favourite performance of glastonbury 2022! Keep watching it back on bbc and nearly crying! Would love to hear you play Woozy sometime! xox

  1127. máté says:

    come to Hungary pls? pls?

  1128. nina aka neen bean says:

    helloooooooooo i love u be gay do crimes fuck the police and the supreme court <333

  1129. Grace says:

    please come to boston!! 💕🍒

  1130. sophia says:

    please come to orlando florida!!! love yall

  1131. Thais "CerealForMe" Wagner says:

    come to brazil!

  1132. God says:

    i would ask you to come to new zealand but like i’m mega autistic and couldn’t handle a concert anyway so i hope you all have a good day and that your next album is good

  1133. Theo Martins says:


  1134. caro says:

    my sister introduced me to y’all and i’ve been listening since 2016

  1135. Desmond says:

    Great work

  1136. Will says:

    This is my kinda OS

  1137. Marta says:

    Thank you for an amazing concert at Opener! Hope to see you soon in Poland again. I love you guys <3

  1138. Tasha- says:


  1139. SSAAMM87 says:

    T H I S I S C O O L ! ! !

  1140. Daniel stobe says:

    My vinyl got shipped with doubble of the same record, I’m missing half of the album

  1141. CC Griff says:

    Super duper happy to hear that you’re coming to Detroit Michigan!!

  1142. ov says:

    man come to india

  1143. Sidney says:

    I had to make a play list with strictly no glass animals songs so my spotify wrapped wouldn’t out me…

  1144. jenny says:

    i really wish you could come to hong kong <333

  1145. jenny says:

    i really wish you could come to hong kong <3333

  1146. Kot says:

    Thank you for an amazing performance at Opener. It was amazing! Can’t wait to see you guys again sometime.
    Ps love this site

  1147. Andre says:


  1148. dreams says:

    saw you today at lollapalooza in stockholm, you were so amazing <3 wish you would've played helium heh but i'm still so thankful for the experience 😀 this is the first time i'm on this site but it's so incredibly cool !

  1149. teddy says:

    second time here, thinking of using soem pitures in an ARG? all my love

  1150. pedestrian says:

    omg glass animals real <333

  1151. Schweill says:

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  1152. teardr0p says:

    you guys are so amazing!!

  1153. ur mom says:

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  1154. Zetka says:

    Thanks for the greatest concert on Open’er! Won’t forget, waiting to see you again in Poland! You guys are AMAZING! Hope you had fun!!!

  1155. Nikhita says:

    please come to sacramento or literally anywhere in the bay area and i promise i’ll be there. thank you sm for making straight bop after bop 🙂 love y’all <3

  1156. wyatt says:

    i love you guys so much you have no idea

  1157. rando says:


  1158. Maddy Bobb says:

    Saw you in Houston last year after not seeing y’all for years!!! Sadly the crowd was awful and they talked through the entire set so hopefully next show we can vibe better

  1159. sofie says:

    do you know the muffinman

  1160. Ashley says:

    I saw you guys play at Red Rocks during a pretty horrific thunder storm—you guys played through it as long as you physically could without literally being blown off the stage. It was probably one of the most memorable musical experiences I’ve experienced, and I think you guys are absolutely amazing! Thank you for the memory!
    PS: This site just made my day! 🙂

  1161. PHERO says:

    Dzień Dobry 🙂

  1162. ‘Aanvi says:


  1163. Mara says:

    see you in Poland today 🙂

  1164. sassy.kashef@gmail.com says:

    To see you at Village Undergound!

  1165. Sol says:

    thank you

  1166. D says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys for my second time at mopop at the end of the month!!

  1167. Liza Michelle says:

    Your music is what keeps me going!! i hope to one day see y’all in person <3

  1168. Jocely says:

    the bass is always just right

  1169. Tina says:

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  1170. Elio :) says:

    this is a really nice webside i love it and i love ur songs keep it up 😉

  1171. Sof says:

    well well, another reason to like Glass Animals just got added to my browser

  1172. Jada :) says:

    Ahhh what a sick website!! Love this <3333

  1173. soph says:

    living my y2k dream <3

    sending luv xx

  1174. Anonymous says:

    Love the website! You guys kick ass too!

  1175. michael says:

    this is good.

  1176. Anonymous says:

    sending good vibes from the caribbean!

  1177. GLASSANIMANIA :) says:

    Man, the Vibes are immaculate! Keep making music! Love your work! SO EXCITED TO FINALLY SEE YOU GUYS LIVEE AAAAHHHH

  1178. Jules says:

    I love all of y’alls music!! Ahhh I cant wait for more from you guys 🙂

  1179. Willy says:


  1180. Logan!! says:

    I fucking love you guys omg I wish you had some how to be a human being merch but IDC I LOVE YOU AAAAAAAAAA

  1181. Belle says:


  1182. av says:

    loving the site, u guys r awesome. ur music is the only thing keeping me sane rn. lots of love from canada <33

  1183. Maristery says:

    I’ve been listening to ya’ll since I was in 6th grade , I’m goimg to be in 11th soon, and you guys are still my favorite band ever!! <33

  1184. Fifi says:

    I was home alone while you were performing at Glastonbury, so I got to watch your whole performance with the sound blasting from my speakers. I was insanely excited. So incredibly excited in fact, that I ended up pulling the calf muscles in my right leg from jumping and dancing around in my bedroom too much (worth it). But that made me wonder… if I managed to injure myself at a virtual glass animals concert, what the hell would I end up doing at an irl one? Collapsing? I sure hope not, but I know that if I do, it will be to the perfect soundtrack 😀

    I hope I will be able to watch you guys live someday, it’s certainly on my bucket list 🙂

  1185. Blurry says:

    u guys changed my life. fun times, love yall sm <3 xoxo

  1186. Andy F says:

    I like the site!

  1187. vesper says:

    cant wait to head to my first concert!!! ive loved you guys for years, and can’t wait to experience you guys shaking my bones!!!!!!

  1188. Joey says:

    Jumping through the roof, spinning in circles and passing out excited for the Brooklyn show. Love your music endlessly and can’t wait to have the hair on my arms stand up when the bass hits❤️‍🔥💝💘

  1189. hypurr says:

    u guys are so cool come back to texas one day! much love <3

  1190. Alecia says:


  1191. namimango says:

    I’ve loved you since Zaba days, I went to the isle of white just to see you but you showed up late played 2 songs and left. Make it up to me, come to Jordan. I just wanna dance.

  1192. Taylor says:

    More shows in Canada please & thank u

  1193. Anonymous says:


  1194. Anonymous says:


  1195. Raina Aide says:

    My partner and I were original ticket holders for the Red Rocks show that was scheduled for over 2 years ago. You are one of our favorite bands, but we had never seen you live before, so I held onto those tickets hoping one day I’d see you. We ecstatically drove 5 hours from our rural mountain home to the nearest airport and then flew to Denver. My partner’s birthday was June 8th, mine was June 14th – the night of the newly rescheduled show. We both danced and smiled through the entire show, and cried too. It was the best birthday I have ever had. It was the BEST show I have EVER seen. I’m still happy 2 weeks later. We actually broke up shorty after I bought these tickets 2 years ago, and I didn’t know if we’d even be speaking by the time the show would be rescheduled. We’re not officially back together yet, but going to this show together was more profound and special for us than I could ever describe. You have deeply touched and changed my life, through your incredibly powerful art, and I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH Dave, Joe, Drew, Edmond. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  1196. Steevo says:

    Red Rocks, Vegas and matching pineapples. Where is the upload at, or do I find a way….

  1197. nevvy wevvy says:

    [taps mic] is this thing working? heyo 🙂

  1198. sonja says:

    impatiently waiting for another ga concert near pa because that was the best experience of my life

  1199. Kingcool says:

    You all are the best. Keep it up

  1200. SpaceCase says:

    Keep kicking ass…y’all rock! <3

  1201. Liz N says:

    Very nostalgic site. Love it!

  1202. Caitlyn Carleton says:

    loving everything about this site. favorite band

    🌙 snapchat: c.arleton 🌙

  1203. Caitlyn Carleton says:

    in love w all of this-

    snap: c.arleton

  1204. Dan s says:

    Big up assgl

  1205. Hehe says:

    Man this site is cool

  1206. Latervlus says:

    Please come to Chile I beg you!!!!

  1207. Balazs says:

    Please come to California!

  1208. Commic says:

    I adore your music. first song i heard was mamas gun and can instantly recogise your music. the site is beautiful, really unique it must have taken alot of work.
    ~ CommicDubbed

  1209. Luv Mr and Mrs Phillips ~*newlyweds*~ says:

    Omg love the website layout and also your red rocks performance you guys are awesome!!!

  1210. JASON (VIRGIN) says:

    Hi my name is jason. I am fat and ugly and cry when i smoke weed. i cant get girls, i have no friends, i am VERY fat and im failing school. I also have depression
    Love Jason

  1211. Raimi says:

    I love your song Goey

  1212. LYLA PETERSON says:


  1213. JP says:

    Man I loved the album Zaba! This new one is good too, but now yall main stream and your concerts are expensive. I’m glad for you for your success, but now your tickets are expensive lol.. hope to see you in cinci

  1214. Kimmy Wimmy (my friends forced that name upon me) says:

    I LOVE YALL SM <33

  1215. Paul says:

    You guys are awesome

  1216. nar says:

    I’m in love with your art. Thanks for filling the gap in my life <3 I Just Wanna Dance

  1217. sophie says:


  1218. Amberisaboomer says:

    I really hope yall come to Nottingham

  1219. idkwhosayuriis says:

    I hope to be able to buy the tickets in time!

  1220. tom says:

    Hello? Is this thing on ?

  1221. Travis, Leicester says:

    Wishing i could see you live! Hoping to see you at leeds!

  1222. lellehB B says:

    Loving the Glastonbury show, wishing I could be there live!!

  1223. Nicholas @ Bournemouth says:

    Watching you steal the stage (correction: steal the festival!) at Glastonbury live courtesy of BBC i-Player. You guys exude the love for your craft and it is contagious 🥰

  1224. Scranton, PA says:

    Would love to see you guys live, but you’re not coming to me

  1225. can you do more concerts that aren't festivals? says:


  1226. Fabio belfiore says:

    Love your songs and what a sick website!!

  1227. Paige says:

    Please, more Canadian shows, we love you

  1228. Lord of the Nibs says:

    Just found you.. don’t want to lose you.

  1229. Saturn says:

    Ya’ll are so cool and your songs really just hit with me

  1230. verlin says:

    san antonio was awesome, love you guys so much!!

  1231. Sarah says:

    I want to see you guys so bad in concert!!! Come to pittsburgh again!

  1232. jp says:


  1233. Penis Man says:


  1234. Amir says:

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  1235. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) wavey davey’s on fire! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  1236. Monty says:

    Killed it at the OKC Zoo Ampitheatre!!!!!!!!!!

  1237. Raegan C says:

    This website is so cool omg!! I was at the San Antonio show 2022!! Y’all killed it

  1238. Some1 4m Estonia says:

    Let this be a fun memory for everyone!

  1239. yemily says:

    Hello!!!!!! amazing website, amazing vibes, thank you for adding a lil’ sunshine and good bops to my dayss

  1240. zachy z says:

    you guys are very swaggy

  1241. Shania :) says:

    I love Glass Animals and I was upset when they cancelled their tour back in April, I was going to Fly to Montreal, QC to see them. Now this time around they’re coming back in July when I can’t attend this time around. Big sadddd girl. Come to Western Canada… because sometimes all I think about is youuuuu.

  1242. alan says:

    never heard your band but I love this website

  1243. C says:

    HI 🙂

  1244. P.E. says:

    Seeing you guys perform in DC was one of the best experiences of my life, I can not wait until you come back!!! I feel so lucky to have GA as my first concert!

  1245. Dino says:

    I was very sad that I couldn’t meet you this year but I hope you guys will be here soon (Germany cologne)! Love you guys.

  1246. 42 says:

    Love you guys

  1247. Danny (insta: Pyplupp) says:

    Came to check tour dates, stayed for the super cool website. This reminds me of a setting to an analog horror, I love it! <3

  1248. mars slower says:

    Seeing y’all 6/15 at redrocks was the best concert of my life. red and teal and cherries have been my thing for ages and i am feeling like the glass animals prophet rn. kisses to all your foreheads

  1249. Charles Duby says:

    Wish I had enough money to buy money for your concerts XD or enough money to fly to them from RI

  1250. Rachlys says:

    Can’t wait to see you in MadCool!!! <3
    You are the best!

  1251. Ghosty says:


  1252. Steve says:

    Can’t wait to see you Aug. 3rd! <3

  1253. Bob says:

    Hello Friends!

  1254. zoe says:

    hi!!! my mom likes ur music, her fav song is your love 🙂 she says hi!

  1255. diostronzo davvero says:

    ma dio cane

  1256. cliff says:

    Hello :))

  1257. Alisa says:

    Always loved your music and got to see you live at Boston Calling this year! Hope you guys come back to Massachusetts more often!! <3

  1258. Nessa P says:

    HI GUYS, I have seen you play three times. First time was at the Troubadour right before everything closed in 2020, Last year at Hollywood Forever, and this Summer at Lightening in a Bottle in my home town! That night at the troubadour you 4 inspired me to get back to music and I’m doing it! Looking forward to more hits coming out of you!

  1259. ange says:

    hi 🙂

  1260. eydebs says:

    Waiting for you here in Brazil!

  1261. Merve says:


  1262. anon says:


  1263. Sallah says:


  1264. shania says:

    I am so invested in you guys ! You have great music and I can’t wait to see you guys in Montreal !! Thank you for making work so enjoyable <33

  1265. cu de cobra says:


  1266. Chiri says:

    I don’t have much to say but you guys are cool lmao

  1267. Mr Fish says:

    Hello Glass Animal and love y’all so much 🥰🥰

  1268. Desmond Goh says:

    Hello Glass Animal, I liked y’all song, Heat Waves so much 🥰🥰 Love y’all so much too 🥰🥰

  1269. Anonymous says:

    Hello Glass Animal, I liked y’all song, Heat Waves so much 🥰🥰 Love y’all so much too ❤️❤️

  1270. Anonymous says:

    Hello Glass Animal and love y’all so much 🥰🥰❤️❤️

  1271. zoe and liz !! says:

    hi lol so basically u guys introduced me to the dmsp (sadly, now im stuck in this fandom lol) and tbh its been a joyride listening to songs and analyzing ur guys’ lyrics. ur all musical genius’ and u deserve the world. and some cherry pies too xx

  1272. Annie & Alana says:

    Just wanted to tell you guys were sitting by the fire and we got pineapples are in our head listening to your music. Love you all!!!

  1273. Robin & Willow ❤️ says:

    Willow is my 6 year old daughter and LOVES you all so much rn. Just thought you should know your biggest new fan

  1274. Kristin & Winnie says:

    Thank you for the most ✨MAGICAL✨ performance at red rocks!! Listening to heat waves on a late night in the middle of june is a dream come true. Love you guys 💕

  1275. Maria says:

    Love from Greece <3 🙂

  1276. Charlotte says:


  1277. Jasmin Diaz says:

    I’m getting married Oct 6th 2022 in Colorado!! My fiancé loves you guys and showed me your music!! We’re going to blast your music throughout the night ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  1278. winn says:

    i love you guys! also, sick ass website dudes

  1279. Anonymous says:

    Please, come to Italy!

  1280. soya says:

    love from india

  1281. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to let you know we enjoy your music also from Italy <3

  1282. devin says:

    love u guys!

  1283. Ahlecks. says:

    Booogadie booooo I loveeee youuuu. Why are you guys so insanely incredible live and just in general? 🫠

  1284. Relzix says:

    I love this sm

  1285. claire says:

    this is brilliant<3

  1286. romeorayy says:

    wtf is site, its trippppy

  1287. romeorayy says:


  1288. Canadian Palz says:

    Do more Canadian locations!!! WE LOVE YOU!!

  1289. Keelin says:


  1290. hunter says:

    i love this site so much <333

  1291. Maylin says:

    Kids are still depressed when you dress them up.

  1292. Sugar says:

    Just got my heart broken and heatwaves just speaks to my soul with this….

  1293. fruit says:

    the way im thinking about u on a late night in the middle of june. genuinely though seeing you guys at red rocks was a dream that i can only hope to relive. the two year wait was beyond worth it. stay groovy and stay wavy!

  1294. Thomas says:

    Can’t wait to see you in July !!!

  1295. rowan says:

    i’ve had heat waves on repeat all week. thx bae

  1296. paige says:

    you are an amazing singer and have such a talented band!

  1297. Alex & Marshall says:

    Saw your show at Red Rocks last Wednesday. What a great, late night in the middle of June- we love y’all. Love the website, too!

  1298. Olly says:

    love u <3

  1299. camryncritt says:

    best website ever !! luv u guys

  1300. pokegokrissy says:

    me and aiden love you guys

  1301. Aiden C says:

    Amazing website, love the creativity!

  1302. Bradley L says:

    Fun site, needs more games tho

  1303. Dick Castle says:

    Wife and I love the music. Keep it up <3

  1304. larry says:

    fave band, you guys are amazing <3 cannot wait for the next album!!!!

  1305. Avery says:

    I missed my high school graduation to see you perform at red rocks!! TOTALLY worth it!!!! XOXO

  1306. Triada_Dead says:

    Thanks for exist. You r helping me to live happiest live, lov everyone

  1307. Randi says:

    Pineapples are in my head

  1308. Kinsley Armstrong says:

    I’m coming to a concert next month!! You guys are my favorite. I’m so excited!!!!!!

  1309. gaby from belgium says:


  1310. Stefanie says:

    Red Rocks concert on June 15th was AMAZING! Please come back again next year!

  1311. Trace says:

    More amazing than I could have imagined! Red Rocks 2022!

  1312. Adam says:

    You guys rock!!

  1313. Julian says:

    Best website on the internet! love <3<3

  1314. Jacey says:

    Saw you guys at red rocks on June 15th and I e never had such an amazing time. Thank you for making your music it’s really helped me through a lot💕

  1315. Squid says:

    This website is absolutely incredibly, the Red Rocks concert was absolutely incredible, and you guys are absolutely incredible. 💕

  1316. Truc says:

    Will forever remember these Red Rocks shows. Thanks for showing us a great time. The years long wait was absolutely worth it!!

  1317. Josh Montemayor says:

    Last was magical!!! Thank you for your music!!!

  1318. Savanna says:

    Absolutely incredible show at red rocks 6/15/22, late night in the middle of June!! Dave your energy is truly incredible and I can’t wait to see you all perform again in the future! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing your music and energy with all of us🍒🍍💎🤎
    A night I will never forget!

  1319. Jaelin says:

    My first concert EVER and honestly nothing could top just how amazing the whole experience was! Everyone at Red Rocks was so nice to me and my friend! Dave looked so happy and excited to be there and it made the experience so much better! THE MERCH IS SO COMFY TOO

  1320. Brookey says:

    My first concert ever! At Red Recks in the middle of June was something I’ll never forget. The crowd was amazing and y’all played incredible. Thank you for giving my this memory!!! <3

  1321. Daisy says:

    After going to your Denver concert in March I decided I absolutely had to go to the Red Rocks one as well. Thank you for such amazing performances! Glad you all get to be back doing what you love. Best wishes to y’all as you head back home 💜🍒🍍

  1322. Samuel + Nyx 💕 mac too ig says:

    Ok this is Samuel writing this for these two but waiting for the Red Rocks show has been so worth it. Especially with my love and one of my best friends. None of last night seemed real but it was something I’ll never forget. I loved every moment of it. Thank you Nyx and Mac for coming with me, this is my special message for both of u soon to be immortalized onto this page. Stay cool and I’m glad to have shared it with both of you in a late night in the middle of June, especially when it has been so close to my birthday. A trip for the ages💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

  1323. Kaylee says:

    Late nights at red rocks was amazing

  1324. Granny Lisi says:

    The show at Red Rocks on Tuesday was amazing. The full moon energy was out of this world. I grew up going to Red Rocks and this was June of the most incredible experiences I ever had. My daughter and her friends joined me, unforgettable ❤️ Please come back, I will be there with Cherries on🍒🍒🍒

  1325. zai ^^ says:

    v sad i didnt get to go to your concert in ny :(((

  1326. soph says:


  1327. Kodi says:

    Forever sad I didn’t go to Red Rocks in June.

  1328. Meredith says:

    I’ll never forget this late night in the middle of June

  1329. Kori says:

    Absolutely stellar, so thrilled I got to spend late nights in the middle of June with you ❤️

  1330. Rob says:

    I have been a fan since Zaba, and I have always wanted to see you live. I bought tickets for red rocks two years ago, and I finally just got to see your show. I had to fly from California to do it. It was absolutely worth the wait and trip. Thank you for the experience and memories

  1331. Ren says:

    Thank you all so much for an incredible night! Absolutely ICONIC

  1332. Chase says:

    Awesome show at Red Rocks!! I love you guys

  1333. Jacinda Hanke says:

    Red rocks couldn’t have been better! You guys are amazing.

  1334. Dilly says:

    Hi friends, keep killin it! Much love

  1335. Denny :] says:

    this website is so cool an i love y’all’s music 🙂

  1336. Ace says:

    Eeeee I hope to come to one of your concerts soon! Come to California pleaseeeee
    Love you guys’ music! <3

  1337. Big Red says:

    Dream concert!!!!

  1338. Whambamthankyoutam says:


  1339. Someone says:

    Denzel was fireeeeeee

  1340. Todd Unger says:

    2 years of waiting and red rocks is finally happening! Loud Love!

  1341. Test says:


  1342. Test says:


  1343. kayra, julia, and lulu says:

    y’all bitches are so sick im so excited to see you in 3 mf minutes omg have such a good performance

  1344. hannah and milo says:

    first concert at red rocks:)

  1345. Alec says:

    G.A. In the peaks

  1346. Rae- Kansas City says:

    6th time seeing Glass Animals since Zaba’s release!! So excited to see you guys again!

  1347. Ty says:

    I’m about to poop

  1348. Jess says:

    Late nights in the middle of June… at Red Rocks with Glass Animals!! Thanks for being amazing!

  1349. Rae says:

    Rd Rcks or bust

  1350. Avery Goza says:

    Thank you for being you and sharing it with the world!!

  1351. w. dave says:

    Can’t wait to see you in 9 minutes! It’s been a long year and half waiting for you but our time is here!

  1352. morgan kochenberger says:

    at red rocks rn <3

  1353. Cinna says:

    Hello from red rocks!! So hype!!!

  1354. Meg & Hunter says:

    Love you guys!! <3

  1355. Rachel says:

    I broke my leg to be here, literally :,)

  1356. Genavieve says:

    I’m so glad to see you live!!!!

  1357. Lauren and Alun! says:

    So excited for the show at red rocks. We love you! <3

  1358. Lauren and Alun! says:

    So pumped for the show! We love you <3

  1359. Trevorkyle says:

    Can’t wait to see the greatest show of my life in Red Rocks!!!

  1360. Rachel & Michael Bezzina says:

    WE LOVE YOU GLASS ANIMALS!! This is our first time seeing you all at Red Rocks and we couldn’t be more excited. Love you !!! (pineapple emoji) <3

  1361. Rose says:

    I love y’all’s music sm!! Ngl I deadass cried when I saw y’all in San Antonio LMAOOOO <3

  1362. Colleen says:

    Nice music

  1363. Maddie C. says:

    My friend and I love your music! You guys are awesome! <3

  1364. Elizabeth Shmikler says:

    You guys are absolutely incredible at what you do! Your music is the soundtrack to my life. Let’s meet someday soon?. Mazel Tov! 🥰😘😛

  1365. freja says:

    europe tour please, im in denmark and suffering a lot because I can’t see you guys in a live performance

  1366. grace says:

    i luv you dave keep rocking ur shit

  1367. Dan the Meme Man says:

    Can I set up a reminder to get emailed to death the second you guys announce an event in Florida? I need it desperately.

  1368. Alyssa says:

    new album is fire. this site is fire. please, please come play in Oregon!!!

  1369. julia says:

    please come back to nyc i cried during your set at gov ball and didn’t get a good enough view …ahahaha …please

  1370. cyn & aaron says:

    luv u guys so much. come 2 nyc pls

  1371. Chris says:

    Cool site bro

  1372. Mackenzie says:

    I was just trying to see if you are coming to Portland, OR and now I’m completely lost in 2003. Not upset. Also it’s very trippy viewing this on an iPhone hats off to my fellow devs.

  1373. natalie and hudson says:

    Happy Heat Waves Day to all who celebrate! Thanks for a great show last night in Red Rocks <3 Love you guys from the bottom of my heart to the pineapples inside my head!

  1374. Niss says:

    thought this was a literal spam site LOL but I am loving this – brings me back to the good ole days of dial tone! P.S. PLS PLS release more How To Be A Human Being vinyl!! It’s my favorite record of yours <3

  1375. Deni says:

    What the bananas this is such a cool site 😎 Thanks for your music, it’s one of the things that have been keeping me going.

  1376. Ciara & Aaron says:

    Seeing you guys at red rocks was probably the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced, I love y’all 😭

  1377. Ally Bender says:

    Need to see you in california <3<3

  1378. Devin says:


  1379. Bunny :) says:

    It’s unofficially Heatwaves Day, June 15th, and I am LIVING for it!!!!

    (I burn you; you melt me.)

  1380. Kseniya says:

    Waiting you back in New York “very very soon” hehe

  1381. Christian says:

    Ready for the show!

  1382. Tess Peterson says:

    Ass Glanimals!!

  1383. marya nay says:


  1384. -KA says:

    This is a neat little Easter egg

  1385. Mel & Jay, Denver says:

    Can’t believe it’s finally here! Tell your mom we said hi, Davey!

  1386. Max S says:

    Love y’all soooooo much. Ft denzel

  1387. Jenn Barnes says:

    Love you guys so excited to be at your RR show🥺✨

  1388. Spencer Couse says:

    Red Rocks 3 years l8r!! Heat waves been fakin me out, but we out here in the middle of June!! Wavey Davey’s on fire 🔥

  1389. rainbow haired person 💕 says:

    second time seeing you guys in denver!! hello from red rocks!! glass animals has helped me through covid. sending love to everyone reading this 💗

  1390. logan m & chole w says:

    this is a dream come true i can’t wait for the show to start<3333

  1391. Jacquelyn Campbell says:

    Love you all so much! Thanks for brightening this world.

  1392. Chole Wynne & Logan McCord says:

    i fuck with the guestbook ❤️

  1393. Mary J (yes....) says:

    Life changing in 2020 ❤️ seriously. Thank you for helping😘

  1394. Caleb & Johanna says:

    Love you guys!

  1395. Bella says:

    Can’t believe I’m seeing y’all at REDROCKS

  1396. dylan says:

    i love glass animals almost as much as i love my gf madeline

  1397. ur mom says:


  1398. Ya boy, Zach says:

    Gonna find out what the hype is all about! Cheers!

  1399. Justin & Jess says:

    1st time at Red Rocks! Ready to pop our cherry 🍒

  1400. G money says:

    Shoutout from red rocks!!! Lit !!!! <3

  1401. Ariana says:


  1402. Anonymous says:


  1403. g33 says:

    Among us

  1404. Ari says:


  1405. Carolyn says:

    About to see y’all live at Red Rocks

  1406. David says:

    Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) is an American media franchise created by Scott Cawthon. The first game of the same name was released on August 8, 2014, and the resultant series has since gained worldwide popularity.

  1407. Maximus says:

    Just happy to be here 🙂

  1408. Haley says:

    Have been waiting 2 years for this Red Rocks Concert!!!
    So happy!!!

  1409. Kiara and Jake says:

    Are we at the front bottoms show?

  1410. Lyss says:

    So happy to finally be here after two year!!!

  1411. Kate Lackner and the Boomanegga gang says:

    GLASS ANIMALS AT RED ROCKS BABYYY!!! Cannot wait for the best night of my life! Love always, your KC loves

  1412. Griffin says:

    Go back to Zaba I miss it

  1413. addie says:

    waterfalls coming out your mouth is actually the best song (TRUE)

  1414. ama says:

    sobbing, crying, weeping, shedding tears, wailing, bawling, sniveling, grieving, mourning, tearing up, sorrowing, blubbering, teary, shrieking, vomiting cause my brother is going to see you before me. pls come to south america

  1415. Aleesha says:

    please come to Dallas!!! xoxo

  1416. Tedy Burkhart says:

    Can’t wait for your next album i’m sure it will be a must have like Dreamland!

  1417. Ann says:

    I’m old and missed out on you until recently. I freely admit I found you by random accident, but I am so glad that happened! Dudes, you know you are amazing, but you are AMAZING. So grateful to be able to listen to your art!

  1418. Millie says:

    y’all are sick and awesome <3

  1419. kayla says:

    party rock is in the houseeeee tonightt

  1420. Lina says:

    Slay soul sister

  1421. Liam says:

    seeing you guys live in Nashville with my friend who’s never been to a concert! he’s the reason i discovered you guys in the first place so it’s coming full circle!

  1422. Anonymous says:

    Come to Idaho someday!!! Would love to see you live!

  1423. ClaudetteRoxx says:

    Wish I could see you guys at Lolla.
    Love you guys!

  1424. Autumn & Cari says:

    the first concert since covid and you restored the magic of shows for me. thank you! xoxo

  1425. :p says:

    love your music from singapore <3

  1426. Annonomoooooos says:

    Love you guys! Glastonbury

  1427. william says:

    i literally love you guys so much never stop doing what youre doing <3

  1428. arushi says:

    y’all’s music is so comforting and you absolutely kill it with every album. keep music-ing <3 🍍

  1429. Jeweles says:

    Thank you for y’all’s music, it’s kept me dragging through life even through problems, not to mention y’all’s concert in Oklahoma was awesome

  1430. rae says:

    your music is great. that’s all.

  1431. Shan says:

    Every time I listen to your songs, it always bring me comfort. Thank you so much!

  1432. Xavier(Polaroonik) says:

    Very excited to see more stuff :]

  1433. Natalie says:

    My all time favorite band! I can listen to your albums straight through on repeat for days on end… <3

  1434. Anna says:

    Loved your music for years, keep it up xx

  1435. Uddi vert says:

    i’ve been a fan for a long time. Heard gooey and fell in love. U guys rock

  1436. Kara says:

    New fan here.. just saying hey and thanks for some really great music! Dave, you are so very talented and such an inspiration- I too suffer from insomnia and have tried to use it as a sort of muse- my songs don’t touch yours tho ❤ much love from TEXAS.

  1437. Gabs says:

    Been listening to Dreamland nonstop for the past few months, love you all for it <3

  1438. Tim says:

    HIII <3

  1439. Stella says:

    My partner and I saw you at OKC. It was incredible! We had never been to OKC before (we’re from West Coast), but totally worth it!

  1440. Brooklyn says:

    Saw you guys in Asheville this year, and it was amazing. Keep being awesome!

  1441. Mateusz says:

    Hi! Love you guys and I’m so excited to see you on Open’er in Poland! Could you please please play Toes there? Can’t wait!

  1442. SB says:

    Pls come to SC!!! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

  1443. Stuff says:

    Ayyyyyyyyyy, great songs

  1444. Ava says:


  1445. Buffy says:

    Love u all 💗💙🍒

  1446. Daniel Calame says:

    Love the music.. keep paving the way bros!

  1447. Haleigh says:

    We need a throwback night at red rockssss

  1448. tu madre zoppa says:

    dio ladro

  1449. sylvi says:

    hope everyone is having a great day 🙂

  1450. Patrick says:

    What’s good y’all

  1451. sadie says:


  1452. karl says:

    karl was here

  1453. alphonso says:


  1454. Tia714 says:

    Using this website as a reference for my assignment heheh

  1455. EmmerMinecraft12345 says:

    This Website is amazing!!

  1456. LoveyDovey says:

    When I think you guys can’t get any cooler, there you go again <3

  1457. meow says:


  1458. Cheese Caseydilla says:

    I love y’all this is the sickest website ever <3 🙂

  1459. comacreep says:

    this is like 1 of my fav sites its SO RAD

  1460. Teagan the Idiot says:

    I love y’all so much!! This is a sick website too 😀

  1461. Soph says:

    Hi! I love this band so much, your music makes me want to dance and enjoy life and that means a lot to me. 🙂

  1462. bowl of cereal says:


  1463. PamelaLynn says:

    Going through a breakup and your music helps me cope.

    I still love you Jessebell <3


    This site is crazy!

  1465. can of soup says:

    love this band so much!! love y’all and happy pride!!

  1466. Marcey says:

    This website is so sick, I love all of the info and detail put into it!

  1467. howly shittt says:

    this is awesome

  1468. Tangerine says:

    This is one of the most innovative and fun websites I’ve ever seen.
    Tangerine and Youth are your best songs ngl.

  1469. Sugamomma@hotmail,com says:

    cool site lmao love their music just wish they would play in florida again i would def go

  1470. Kiran says:

    Sickest website and some of the sickest music!!

  1471. R says:

    Cool site. cool music.

  1472. Cooper says:

    I am a big fan. My favorite song is heat waves.

  1473. AL says:

    very glass not very animals

  1474. Enkei says:

    The concert was really cool 🙂

  1475. Pavithra says:

    I have some original lyrics written by myself….I wish Dave can sing them one day!

  1476. wannabie says:

    I don’t wanna talk. I just wanna dance.

  1477. Kaitl says:

    hi im just having fun!

  1478. MIOU says:

    I used the wrong YOUR SORRY

  1479. MIOU says:

    You guys mean a lot to me, i’ve been a fan since 2016, i’ve always been going through hard times and youre music has always been there for me, THANKYOU!

  1480. Starboy says:


  1481. jenny says:


  1482. tobi says:


  1483. Dev says:

    I am in LOVE with you music!! I’d enjoy more though, if I could show off some OFFICIAL glass animals merch… hope to see some tees and hoodies in the U.S. shop soon? 🙂 come play in Texas! love y’all!! <3

  1484. arcus gayass says:


  1485. ben says:

    this website is so fcking cool i wish i could see what was in the safe folder

  1486. The most awesome person ever/j says:

    Luv u guys so much!! <33

    ps. the website is so cool btw

  1487. Suz says:

    Hope to see you soon! =)

  1488. Cassidy :) says:

    Cool website! Luv u guys <3

  1489. ruddy your bongo brother says:

    two smash hits from a similar concept, hope they don’t search for a new sound.

  1490. diomerda says:


  1491. Gabby says:

    i’ve been on the website looking for easter eggs and i’ve seen none. help me out

  1492. Harry says:

    How did I get here?

  1493. thats just poggers!!!!111!!!11!!1! says:

    happy late birthday!!!!!!! <333333

  1494. Gigiii says:

    So excited to see you guys perform at gov ball!!!

  1495. Gigiii says:

    So excited to see you guys perform at Gov Ball!!

  1496. Doble Bi S2 says:

    We loved the band. Speciallu because I am a teacher and I knew about the band from a wonderful student. She is so smart and super style. We love you guys! =)

  1497. Roldy says:

    Red Rocks! Bring the rain!

  1498. Jason says:

    Music, yes.

  1499. miche says:

    my cats Nipsey & Xu are vibin to ur first album at the moment. sending love xo

  1500. Jan says:

    your music has so many tastes and idk how to describe it, love your stuff woo !!

  1501. mowg says:

    my siblings said “DO A FLIP”

  1502. Lily says:

    piss and shit! that’s what i have to say. I love your music.

  1503. T with a sweetness says:

    Your music is the vibe I want to live my life to

  1504. Jill says:

    I attended your 2017 tour at the Aragon in Chicago, 5 years later and still the best concert iv’e been to. I miss it!!!

  1505. Daniel says:

    Sometimes all I think about is you, David boy
    Late night June 7th
    Happy birthday, this was not as clever as I thought it would be when I started typing (and I’m late)

  1506. Cheyenne says:

    Age is just a number! I hope tour life is going well. Maybe I can see you at summerfest in Milwaukee (just gotta add it) 🥹

  1507. Mel B says:

    Hope you had an amazing birthday, Dave! Any chance you will put on an aftershow on July 28th? I get to Chicago on Friday for Lollapalooza but don’t have tickets for the festival until Saturday. It would make my husband’s weekend if we could catch you!!

  1508. Joe says:

    Happy birtday im a little late only!

  1509. Constance says:

    Happy birthday Dave!!!

  1510. Venus says:

    I love your music <3 happy birthday!

  1511. Kellie & Eve says:

    The concert was amazing!! Happy Belated!

  1512. Michael Gopaul says:

    South Carolina please:)

  1513. Ocean says:


  1514. Jenna says:

    Happy Birthday wavey Davey! Sending love from SATX <3

  1515. Sicboi says:

    Happy birthday Wavy Davy!!!!! You put on an insane show in San Antonio I’ll never miss a chance to see you boys perform!

  1516. Lizymae says:

    Well I absolutely love the website, takes me back to college days for sure! Happy birthday Dave, hope it’s a magical one. See ya Sunday at Citi Field ⚾️ 😉 ☺️

  1517. Alyssa & MK says:

    Happy Birthday Dave! See you at Red Rocks! <3

  1518. Jack says:

    Happy Birthday Dave! Sincerely, the guy who tweets every time Heat Waves is on a radio station he hears. (twitter.com/imnotjackeltron)

  1519. Alice says:

    I only just discovered you guys and I’m totally in love with all your music! Also, happy birthday Dave <3!!

  1520. Chachi says:

    Happy Birthday, Dave! Can’t wait to Red Rocks with you, in the middle of June!

  1521. maddy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE <3!!! We hope u have a great day <33333

  1522. Dinah says:

    Happy birthday, Dave!!!! I hope this next trip around the sun is filled with wonderful adventures and lots of cereal.

  1523. Kozar says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Poland

  1524. Ester says:


    love u Davee, Ester <3

  1525. Stephanie says:

    Your performance in SA was amazing! ♥️ Your music

  1526. Alyssa says:

    Just saw you perform in San Antonio, Texas! It was awesome ❤️

  1527. nekotyan says:

    you are very cool. I hope that in the future you will become even cooler
    With love from Russia <3333

  1528. @Killeralmonds says:

    So happy that I waited 8 years to see them on tour!!! The inner teen in me was so happy to see them finally preform all of my fave songs!! thank yall for sharing such amazing music with the world<3

  1529. Colby & Denisse says:

    Loved seeing y’all in San Antonio!! Amazing show, been a fan since hearing ZABA on the Sirius.xm stations! Love y’all ❤️

  1530. Cosmic says:

    It’s All So Incredibly Loud is scrubbing my soul at the moment. 10/10

  1531. Mirka says:

    First time seeing y’all in San Antonio and let me jus say y’all were amazing I will never forget this night ps I love y’all 🦖

  1532. Mambo 13 says:

    Completely worth going to the concert after a 12hour flight <3 been a fan since Black Mambo came out!! Hope you guys keep having fun out there @-}—–

  1533. audrey says:

    I first found yall when I was in 8th grade, I’m now 22 and saw the show last night in San Antonio ! Thank you for being the soundtrack to my life and inspiring me musically as well <3

  1534. Mars says:

    Please come to southern California soon! <3

  1535. a fellow slayer says:


  1536. Dinah says:

    Such a great show in San Antonio last night. Thank you for the great music and energy!

  1537. Nurse M says:

    Y’all’s concert was worth missing a couple of hours of sleep and driving up from CC to SA and back the same afternoon. First concert definitely was not disappointed.

  1538. Benjamin says:

    you guys are definitely my favourits artist at this moment!

  1539. Kendra 🫡 says:

    Seeing you guys live was definitely an experience that made it into my core memories. Beautiful set and amazing stage design. Mob Rich is now on my playlist as well. Hope you guys come to SA again! 🥹🖤

  1540. Linh ❤️ says:

    Love y’all since 2012 <3 M face didn’t make it to the tangerine MV but hopefully you guys got another one in soon

  1541. Tobby! says:

    Just saw the amazing San Antonio show, it was my first concert and I couldn’t be happier to have seen it! I’ve been listening to yall since middle school and now I just graduated high-school and I’m so glad I finally got to see yall in concert!!!<3

  1542. maria says:

    been listening since 2018 so ahaha

  1543. maria says:

    such an amazing experience!! saw the san antonio show beat concert i’ve ever been to 100/10 would see again. i love you dave. and mob rich rocks.

  1544. Jessica O'Berry says:

    I’m so happy I could finally see y’all in concert! I’ve been listening to y’all for almost a decade and your songs have gotten me through my hardest times! Thanks for such an amazing show! 💖

  1545. Bunny says:

    First concert! It was amazing !!!

  1546. Tom says:

    Thank you for the amazing experience! Such a great way to get the mind off things, welcome back to Texas!

  1547. @BlueRangerRube says:

    Love you fellas! First time attending one of your shows! Keep that groovy funky wavy beat! Had an amazing time tonight! Thank y’all for coming to San Antonio TX

  1548. Josh and Mayrissa Baker says:

    Lots of love for y’all from Arkansas!! This was our first ever concert and you did not disappoint! Can’t wait to see y’all perform again sometime!!

  1549. Cherry says:

    Eating jar from a mayonnaise rn while listening to every ass glanimals song 🍒💪

  1550. Dm says:

    Hi! I found y’all before you got famous

  1551. Fellow Gay says:

    Hi Gays

  1552. Natalia Z says:

    Lots of love, to my favorite artists of all time xxx

  1553. Alex says:

    This is my first ever concert, and it’s been more than worth it

  1554. K8 says:


  1555. Quirky Coaster Couple says:

    First time see ya’ll in concert! We love your music and look forward to see ya’ll play all our favorite songs live!! Did we really just say “y’all ” two times just now, oh well… WELCOME TO TEXAS! 👢🐴

  1556. Jacob says:

    Been loving y’all for a long time can’t wait to see you kill it Thanks for coming out!

  1557. coldmcgriddle says:

    experiencing glass animals for the first time in san antonio! came from austin for this, so excited! 💖

  1558. Zayra R. says:

    Yayyyy super excited to see Glass Animals!!!! Welcome to San Antonio! 😀

  1559. sworden says:

    Been waiting to see y’all for years! Welcome back to San Antonio !

  1560. 16oh4 says:


  1561. Jett Pounders says:

    1st concert as a official teen! I’m so excited!!!!

  1562. Kayla says:

    hi! this is my second concert, best one yet!

  1563. Katherine Diaz says:

    HI 🙂

  1564. paulinaaa says:


  1565. Jolene says:


  1566. Chelsea says:

    Excited to see you guys for the second time!

  1567. Tonya says:

    I snuck in a tangerine

  1568. Andy says:

    CANT WAIT TO SEE YALL!!!! Wonder if yall in the building or your tour bus :/

  1569. GA SA says:

    Come out already

  1570. erina says:

    Please come back to Dallas/Fort Worth!!! I would love to see y’all again in person before optometry school ❤️

  1571. Richard says:

    Totally though you guys were from El Paso TX, and have had all my friends believe it for years haha. Looking forward to the show tonight xoxo

  1572. Alyssa says:

    Y’all are the best!!! Come play in Bend, OR!!! 💞

  1573. Finn!! says:

    Excited for the San Antonio concert tonight!!! Love u glass animals

  1574. Aud says:

    This website is amazing and I wish you were playing in Chicago not at lolla 🙂 anyway – see you in Ohio I guess

  1575. james caleb says:

    horse pony 3 made my life better

  1576. bobert says:

    that’s so slay.

  1577. Baboon says:

    FC from Thailand

  1578. soph says:

    thank you for producing your amazing music i love the dreamy vibe it has

  1579. Daniella says:

    I can’t wait to see y’all in SA!!

  1580. maddie says:

    excited for tomorrow!

  1581. Fan says:

    I was so happy seeing you at boston calling!!!

  1582. siena says:

    you were absolutely amazing in OKC!!!! come back soon x

  1583. George says:

    I wish my desktop was that clean. My daughter in law and 2 grand daughters are going to your show at Red Rock.

  1584. Dummy says:

    Y’all are amazing!! Def my favourite band of all times <3 Can’t wait to see you guys this summer, don’t be shy to come back to Canada after too ^^ Gonna be honest, each songs you make are so relatable and great music! Keep going like that, you all are SO good!!!
    -Dummy ❤️

  1585. Julian :) says:

    Yesss you guys are coming to Toronto!! Imma try to make it there, love your music!!

  1586. asdasd says:


  1587. iamsiamgamerz says:


  1588. Nora says:


  1589. Anonymous Glass Animals Fan says:

    See you in San Antonio people 🙂

  1590. Anonymous says:

    See you in San Antonio 🙂

  1591. AmberS says:

    Please play in Okinawa. Wonderful tunes.

  1592. Amber S says:

    I feel so young again on your desktop, please come to Okinawa Japan!

  1593. xxandrarose says:

    Love you all cheers 💚

  1594. kepow says:

    loveeee tokyo drifting <3 good luck!

  1595. Andrew says:

    I can’t remember how I found your music but I am enchanted. I ususally don’t like electronically produced stuff but I am loving your music. I think the love for music as art really shows. The heart and soul put into the music, I can feel it.

    Thank you

  1596. A Loser says:

    Need more How To Be A Human Being merch brain go brrrr

  1597. A Loser says:

    Still think Wyrd was the best but can’t complain with these awesome songs!

  1598. Hana :p says:

    ILY GUYS SM!!! So glad I got to see my favorite band in concert and can’t wait to see what’s next

  1599. ollie says:

    y’all are incredible omfg literal music geniuses and DONT tell me otherwise

    you guys inspire me so so much and im so grateful that i get to listen to those beautiful tunes keep going love ya xxxx

  1600. LucidityTv says:

    it’s morbin’ time

  1601. LucidityTv says:

    it’s morbin time

  1602. lostsoul:) says:

    I LOVE THIS BAND THEY ARE LITERALLY THE BEST AHHHHH your music honestly helps me so much dealing with depression and anxiety daily and your music helps me calm down and grounds me thank you glass animals<3333

  1603. Atlaemis xx says:


  1604. Will Thompson says:

    Thank you guys for supporting our community. You put on an incredible show <3

  1605. thomas says:

    very good band
    thomas from hungary xx

  1606. Mark says:

    Amazing music
    Love you <3

  1607. Turnabout says:

    Loved you guys in OKC, amazing energy!

  1608. Alexis says:

    Amazing energy and spectacular performance, definitely one for the books 💯

  1609. Clouds says:

    You guys are amazing. All of your music makes me so happy. I hope you’ll have a wonderful life, you deserve it. Same to anyone who sees this!!! <3 <3 <3

  1610. Katrina M says:

    So excited to see you this Sunday in San Antonio!

  1611. JM says:

    Glad this band is finally getting the attention it deserves

  1612. Atlaemis says:

    note to self: feature Glass Animals on YT channel

    Glass animals in a nutshell:amazing music, amazing band
    for real tho, I love you guys!

    with love,
    Atlaemis xx

  1613. haleigh says:

    i love y’all

  1614. Rheaven says:

    thanks for performing in OKC! love y’all

  1615. J says:

    Loved you show I’m OKC! First concert, im def going to remember it. It felt so magical and it was so freaking good!!!

  1616. Anonymous says:

    okc loves you🫶🏻

  1617. Anonymous says:

    love u forever

  1618. yes says:


  1619. Adelina says:

    Please come back to Albuquerque, New Mexico!!! <3

  1620. Dace says:

    Loved your show in OKC!! The vibe was unbelievable!! <3

  1621. Paige says:

    Your OKC show was amaze balls! First live show since 2019 and it was pure perfection. I hope y’all come back!

  1622. Fusion says:

    Fucking beautiful show in OKC ♡

  1623. phywhisky says:

    come to Chile please!!

  1624. Tom H says:

    You guys rock!!!

  1625. Bethany says:

    SO excited to see y’all in SAN ANTONIO !!! 😍🤩

  1626. brittanyyyy says:

    saw yall live sept 2021 in Georgia <3 hope to hear more soon like your older albums, but whatever it is – we’ll love it <3

  1627. Rexx says:

    LOVE U GUYSS!! Can’t wait to hear you live for the first time in OKC <3

  1628. Erin says:

    come to detroit again!!

  1629. kianna says:

    come back to england plz xx

  1630. Kirbey says:

    See you at Red Rocks, boyz 🫠

  1631. J.D. James says:

    Very much looking forward to those peanut butter vibes tonight in OKC!

  1632. Eva Philippa says:

    really hopeing I can see u guys one day when I have enough money 🙂 love u guys

  1633. Gray H says:

    So excited to see you guys in SA this weekend, it’s gonna be my first concert ever. thank you for making great music, and even greater stories <3

  1634. John H says:

    Space ghosts aren’t real

  1635. Wayne W says:

    Love the video for Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Especially the guy doing the worm on the sidewalk!

  1636. Kyle P says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in OKC tomorrow!!!

  1637. Kateeeee says:

    Can’t wait to see y’all in OKC!!!

  1638. beans says:


  1639. naiobi916 says:

    Such a great show at Lightning in a Bottle! Thanks for coming out, and this website is so nostalgic lmao.

  1640. Ester says:


  1641. leah says:

    y’all killed it at Boston Calling! <3

  1642. lee says:


  1643. AIDEE says:

    OMG, this is such a cool and fun idea for your website! I’m having so much fun, LMAO. Thank you for all that you do, guys. 😀

  1644. Tayler says:

    I love you guys!

  1645. Alex says:

    Truly amazing to see you guys at Boston Calling, still can’t believe it’s real <3<3<3

  1646. nutmeg likes arson says:

    eating memory foam while listening to life itself isn’t gunna make your parents love you.

  1647. nutmeg likes arson says:

    stop eating shit and get some therapy

  1648. nutmeg likes arson says:


  1649. Harvey Bisson says:

    Your show at BUKU was the best. Looking forward to OKC tomorrow!

  1650. Anonymous User 🎶 says:

    I love Glassanimals

  1651. alannah says:

    I didn’t choose the pineapple life
    The pineapple life chose me

  1652. Megan Shellenbergar says:

    I wwnt to the st louis concert 3/23/22 and it was my firet/best concert, thank you so much ed, drew, joe and dave for the best day of my life, also you’re my number one on spotify:)

  1653. E says:

    love from nebraska <3

  1654. Penelope says:

    Hi Love the. song heat wave my cousin. And
    Me listen to it 😀 i am philippines

  1655. Lowi says:

    Hey!!!! Love the music

  1656. Aden says:

    I like the website and vibe and care put into everything, love yall’s work

  1657. A. says:

    hey! i love your music. love love dreamland. keep creating whatever you love.

  1658. Alex says:

    agnes changed my view on my best friend’s death, thank you dave

  1659. Barack Obama says:

    Nice jams, uhhhh, very good

  1660. Atlaemis says:

    I came from heat waves, listened to I don’t wanna talk (I just wanna dance), will be staying for all future songs. I love your songs! xx~ Atlaemis

  1661. Kevin (a.k.a.) Bourbon Ocean says:

    You made my LIB!!

  1662. Mikmik says:

    Was so excited you’re coming to germany in summer and started saving up so I could see you…only to then a few days later see all the tickets are gone 🙁
    I hope I’ll get the chance to visit one of your concerts in the future! Love your music xx

  1663. izzy says:

    boston calling was sick

  1664. Trina says:

    Loved you in Massachusetts. Come back soon! 🙂

  1665. Anonymous says:

    Your Boston Calling show was dope thx for coming!!!

  1666. Anonymous says:

    awesome show at boston calling!!

  1667. julia says:

    Hi! When is the song “Glass Animals” coming out?

  1668. Nick says:

    Hello!!! just wanted to say i love your music and i can’t wait to hear whatever stuff you release next!!! xx

  1669. Mia W. says:

    Soooo excited to see y’all in San Antonio June 6th!! My 6 year old loves y’all too and I’m taking her. Much love!

  1670. Amber Heard says:

    Don’t make tee shirts

  1671. Captain jack sparrow says:

    Make tee shirts. Please and thank you

  1672. Cam says:

    Can’t believe how far you have come with your music it’s so fantastic and beautiful and i can’t wait to hear what comes next.

  1673. daniel says:

    love seeing how big glass animals is becoming. we love you in Mexico!! you should definitely come…

  1674. alex says:

    been jammin’ since zaba. my friends & i classified it as “jungle indie pop.” it’s been so dope seeing this band transform into a household name. keep on makin’ the magic y’all & be well <3

  1675. hira says:


  1676. A says:

    Loved seeing you at boston calling!

  1677. Sincerely, Jennifer says:

    Dear Mr. Bayley,
    It was so wonderful to see you last night at Harvard Stadium. You sing with such passion! Your music was inspiring, but even more so was your shirt. I, too, have a passion for toilet paper. I have searched for said shirt on all of the internet websites I could find, but it did not seem available. Could you kindly point me in the direction of my own “toilet paper” shirt?

  1678. Bri! says:

    Loved LOVED seeing y’all in concert with TOP last December. Cannot wait to go broke trying to get to your next show!!!

  1679. toro says:

    stan miku

  1680. peyton says:

    heyyyyy love u guys xx please come back to birmingham, alabama!!!!!!

  1681. kolb1e says:

    hi !! absolutely stoked to see u in okc this week (-: it’ll b my first time at ur show and i cannot fucking wait

  1682. Elysejune says:

    You guys CRUSHED it at LIB! Please come back to the Greek in Berkeley. ilysm

  1683. natgeo says:

    been a fan for years and u guys are the coolest!!!! i love y’all. keep making sick tunes

  1684. Brie 🍊 says:

    Hello!! I’m kinda new to this band, but you guys seem incredibly nice and fun so i’m excited to follow the journey!

  1685. Brooke-lynn Collazo says:

    this is so cool! wish they would come to FL more!

  1686. atlas :) says:

    definitely my favourite band, love you guys<3

  1687. julia + brynn says:

    so excited to see yall tonight <3

  1688. Kamilla G says:

    Come to fucking Norway!!! Though I, personally, am more than willing to go to Poland to see you guys<3 xoxo

  1689. Sammiiii says:

    Do more shows in cali, I’m beggin hands knees pleaseeeeeeee 🥹

  1690. Urcaaaa says:


  1691. raspfetti says:


  1692. kevin07 says:

    hey, what’s up (・∀・)

  1693. Kevin says:

    whaaaaaats up 🙂

  1694. s says:

    hi <3

  1695. darryl says:

    slap a baby dingo

  1696. Zev Grim says:

    It was amazing meeting you all <3 you guys are more amazing than I could have ever imagined!

  1697. aud says:

    i hope you guys play madison square garden one day, if you already have oops :)))) 😉

  1698. audrey says:

    come back to kansas pwease :))))

  1699. jc says:

    i love you guys so much :’) see you at lollapalooza 22’

  1700. Silvy says:

    You guys have always made the best music!! <3

  1701. Kaitlyn Bolton says:

    I have and always will love you for forever

  1702. Abel. F says:


  1703. Ester says:

    Love you David, come to PORTUGAL 🇵🇹 please 🥺🥹

  1704. Kierby4evr says:

    Dreamland slaps so hard I thought I got whiplash

  1705. ava says:

    come to WA pls !!!

  1706. Katie says:

    hi, love you. bye

  1707. Arthur says:

    I really enjoy your music, my sister and some of my friends really bond together by listening to it 🙂

  1708. Alex says:

    I love your guys’d music so much and can’t wait to see what’s next 😀 <3

  1709. h. says:

    This is so awesome. Always an inspiration spark gain on when I hear them

  1710. Rat says:

    I wanted to see you guys in Portland so bad!!

  1711. hannah says:


  1712. MIA KATE says:

    love u guys, thxs for never giving up. sending light,love, and peace. xoxo mia

  1713. Chris Busby says:

    Just wanted to say BEEF

  1714. Morgan says:

    I have recently really got into your music and watched the video for Agnes recently. I have lost people in my life and your video and song captured a feeling I have never been able to express before. I cried harder than I think I have at a music video. Your music hits me harder than anything and I appreciate y’all so much. Come back to Madison, WI.

  1715. ELL says:


  1716. Jenny says:

    Loved the show in Atlanta. Pls come again. 🤍🤍🤍🤍

  1717. Anonymous says:

    800832 🙂

  1718. dirtbag1.5 says:

    y’all are so cool

  1719. Ellie says:

    KC misses you

  1720. Anonymous says:

    people standing in line to look at premade sandwiches

  1721. Will Graham says:

    Late nights in the middle of june

  1722. Anonymous says:


  1723. Erin says:

    So excited to see you In Oklahoma City! We saw you in Tulsa, ok back in 2015 but are excited to see you in OK agin!

  1724. Neringa says:

    I love glass animals :DD really excited for anything new they will make in the future

  1725. shani talia rowan and maya says:

    we are SO excited to see you in Leeds!!!!!!!!! love you <3

  1726. JubZzZ_Z says:

    Your Love Gives me Deja Vu

  1727. John says:

    Hello world! I love you <3

  1728. Griff says:

    No one will ever beat glass animals!!

  1729. duck says:

    you guys are awesome 🙂 zaba is my favourite album, its got the most unique feel.
    please come to brissy australiaaa
    love ass animals <3

  1730. she-raaa says:

    so excited for june second 🙂

  1731. aspen says:

    trying to see if i can go :))

  1732. sidda says:

    anyway everyone go listen to tangerine aka my favorite glass animals song

  1733. lex says:

    july 19 💜

  1734. Oliver says:

    abt to try to convince my parents to let me go to the next TX concert with my savings, wish me luck :]

  1735. arryn says:

    we all love ass glanimals

  1736. Satellarknighty says:

    I don’t wanna type baby I just wanna dance

  1737. tins. Tins says:

    cannot wait for u to come to canada 😛

  1738. Kyrstin Saltares says:

    Can’t wait to see you at Red Rocks, I’ve been waiting 2 years!

  1739. Me says:


  1740. Zclan7 says:

    I love Ass Glanimals

  1741. Mae says:

    :] addictive. I can’t wait for more

  1742. sidney says:

    see u in okc (-:

  1743. quinny says:

    omg i just found this and i feel so silly i didnt kno it was here before LOL almost bought tickets for the hollywood forever concert last yr but chickened out bc crowds… next time!!! <333 big fan love u guys

  1744. Kelty says:

    if i was born one month earlier i could’ve seen y’all at buku 😭😭 either way thank y’all sm for the beautiful music! ily <3

  1745. Sus says:

    Will be seeing you guys in Oklahoma City next week! gonna be sitting frontt and center 🙂

    Follow me on insta! sussanchez1998

  1746. Patricia says:

    Welcome to Ventura!! I hope you enjoy our sleepy little town! I’d love to show you around if you’re bored before the show. If not I’ll see you at the venue, well, perhaps on the way in or out, I’ll be the sad girl without a ticket staring longingly at all the lucky ones with entry. Lol I’m kidding, somewhat, have a great visit and I’d love to show you around:)

  1747. Ester says:


  1748. Ester says:

    Las persianas q no sepan ingles pueden ir al traductor y traduzir lo q quieren decir 🙄😂😂🥲

  1749. dave lover 3000 says:

    dear dvae,

    do you taste like surfing videos?

  1750. obsidian knight says:

    HIII super excited i found this site

  1751. mel :) says:

    this is very cool

  1752. pie says:

    eu eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1753. Jorunno says:

    Nmms no se ingles. ¡que dice aquiiiiii? jsjsj
    aguaymanto. uwu
    (porfavor vengan a latinoamerica ahhhhhh)

  1754. Lara says:

    This website is very cool! Dreamland is an incredibly beautiful and well-made album, also love being able to listen to stems and hearing how the song comes together. Looking forward to hopefully seeing these guys live one day! (:

  1755. Ester :) says:

    Hi everyone, especially Dave Bayley and his wonderful band Galss Animals, I WOULD LOVE to see your band perform ALSO LOVED meeting you… ESPECIALLY Dave Bayley WOULD REALLY LOVE TO SING WITH YOU SOME DAY!!!! Here from Portugal!!!! <3 🙂

  1756. Lanchan says:

    Clap clap, youre a clever, clever cookie now

  1757. Aayan says:

    She said I look fat but I look fantastic!!

  1758. Altober says:

    hola me llamo Alberto y me gustan las manzanas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1759. julio says:

    cuando yo la vi dije si esa mujer fuera para mi priririr

  1760. Anonymous says:


  1761. Cori says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys at Boston Calling! Love love love your music…And I have a crush on Dave <3

  1762. EEElla says:

    Love you guys’ songs so much, My favorite one is Tokyo Drifting. Looking forward to more amazing songs in the future! LOVE FROM HONG KONG!!!

  1763. Finn says:

    See you at Lolla! <3

  1764. Anyone says:

    Hello from currently Oslo. Found a cool article from Kurt Vonnegut on here. Thanks!

  1765. S.S says:

    love love love so many loves from Taiwan.

  1766. Marzipan says:

    Love you guys, saved me more than you could ever know <3

  1767. Gia says:

    Soooo nostalgic 💕 love y’all

  1768. Karma says:

    What a silly little thing you guys have here

  1769. Cam says:

    Anyone cutting porno or just me?

  1770. Cassie says:

    Absolutely love your music, here’s to years of future success!

  1771. spoorks says:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to see the concert in San Antonio! Been listening for a few years, keep up the great work!!

  1772. Nick G. says:

    Here’s to songs that I’ll play for my grandchildren!!!

  1773. ocean says:

    gonna see glass animals this summer and its gonna be amazing, cant wait

  1774. Big A says:

    One day I’m going to see y’all live, mark my words.

  1775. Nina says:

    also the minute I opened the baaass.wav file I immediately started singing the lyrics <3

  1776. Nina says:

    Hiii! This website is so cool. My little sister and I love your music! Zaba is my favorite album and Dreamland is her’s, and we love listening to How To Be A Human Being in the car. 🙂

  1777. lex ◡̈ says:

    i’ve been a big fan since 2017 when i heard gooey. literally fell in love with that song and this band. i got to see you guys at firefly music festival and it was a religious experience!!! i am so excited to see you at red rocks next can’t wait ◡̈

  1778. sidd says:

    ive been listening to you since youth in fifa17
    gl for the future m8 <3

  1779. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes, all I think about is you
    Late nights in the middle of June
    Heat waves been faking me out

    The Best Song I’ve Heard in the last Years <3

  1780. Agnes Augustus says:

    I think you guys are definitely some of my favorite artists. Right up there with Kimya Dawson and The Oh Hellos!!! I’ve stuck with your music since I was about 11, around there at least and your art has definitely inspired my art. I’m really happy you’re all around.

  1781. Pessima says:

    Ciao Simona!

  1782. David T says:

    Sup doods 👋

  1783. jam says:

    tickets are so expensive but for you i might buy them…

  1784. grace says:

    this website this website is literally the coolest thing ever!!! also please make more merch i would for sure buy on spot! in love with this band

  1785. Mossy says:

    It’s so cool to constantly see the website being updated! Super excited for future stuff, come to Miami sometime we’re nice here I promise 🙂

  1786. Sasha :D says:

    HI! i hope you guys have a great year!

  1787. Bea says:

    You guys have been such a inspiration to me and all of your music makes me feel free and in a dream like state. Cant wait to hear more 🙂

  1788. Liv ;) says:

    I found this website last night and im so glad I did. I have started listening to a lot more music by you guys and it makes me feel so free. I cant wait to get to learn all the songs!

  1789. john says:

    i didnt even know that this website was real

  1790. Utkarsh Singh says:

    This wesbite is god damn beautiful.

  1791. Jennifer McGinnis says:

    How did I not know until now you were coming to Ventura on Weds. I’m so f***ng bummed I missed out on a ticket. Maybe most bummed I’ve ever been. Guess I’ll take a slice on the sidelines and wait until you come to Santa Barbara again… Yer so dope! ❤️

  1792. Destiny Russo says:

    Your songs are basically all I listen to all day. Thanks for your amazing music!! 🍒💖

  1793. Becky says:

    This is an amazing website lol your songs give me life and so much energy. X

  1794. Kwavey says:

    this website is so cool and fun to mess around with lol love it! x

  1795. Robbie says:

    The songs seem to mirror my feeling and emotions are overwhelmingly relatable.

  1796. Adeetya says:

    Glass Animals is an emotion now. J hope I see Dave and gang perform live on street.. all the best for future songs

  1797. Ester says:

    It’s true, I also discovered a few months ago the albums of the band Glass Animals and in fact many songs that Dave Bayley sings make me feel several feelings that have to do with my life 😉
    In fact I have memorized many of his songs
    I love this band Especially the main singer Dave Bayley <3 🙂

  1798. Avi :] says:

    Hello! this is late but I wanna say I really enjoy your music, since I found out your album ‘How To Be A Human Being’ and to ‘Dreamland’ :D.

    Dreamland has made feel somethings that I don’t know how to describe but they are in weird mix of happiness and sadness, Dreamland had also made the pandemic for me alot better.

    I’m also liking the new song, keep up the good work and thank you for doing it! 😀

  1799. Ester says:

    Wow! This site is super cool 😄!
    Already now what a cute dog 😊!!!!!

  1800. Nancy says:

    Love everything you do !

  1801. Crow (: says:

    HI i just found out about this thanks to a friend this is soo cool .Awesome

  1802. Jackie says:

    i just found this website 😮 this is so freaking cool
    been listening to glass animals for ages and just found out about the tour (which is coming to a city near me) so im excited, hopefully i can go!

  1803. JoJo says:

    Been listening to yall for a while, deffo happy to see more people enjoying yalls stuff! 🙂

  1804. Anita says:

    Genuinely speaking, I love Glass Animals so much. I’ve seen y’all live and you guys have genuinely changed my life. Anytime you’re back in NC I’ll be there.

  1805. Aj says:

    my friend sent me this site, idk anything about glass animals but this is cool!

  1806. Dani says:

    turns out everyone in my family likes this band, but none of us knew it was a common interest. I’ll definitely try to get tickets next time you’re down in FL

  1807. Sandy says:

    I’ve been thinking about you and Agnes. Love that song. Im excited to see Dreamland live, btw!! 🙂

  1808. Daniel says:

    This is the coolest band website I’ve seen!

  1809. Yash says:

    I just found out about this. I love it!

  1810. Gryph says:

    This is a fun website. I’m having fun writing this instead of working on my English project

  1811. Patrick Lee says:

    bit late. whoops

  1812. Spindollonn says:

    I’m a tad bit sad that I’m just finding out about you guys. I’m glad I have a new band to obsess over.

  1813. @missvintagefox says:

    You guys. I am still crying over Ventura. PLEASE one more date or just two tickets! ILYYYYY

  1814. Tylynn says:

    Just bought tickets to your Texas show!! Super stoked.

  1815. lilith says:

    your music has been instrumental in my becoming the coked out freak that I am. thx

  1816. Luiza says:

    you guys are the best band in the world. no words to describe what your music does to my heart, pls never stop making them.

    kisses from Brazil. <3

  1817. R says:

    Missed you in SB, hope I get to see you all soon!

  1818. Sam S says:

    This is so freaking cool. Incredible website, so creative and full of Glass Animals Vibes

  1819. Ari P says:

    HIII!!! really love your music <3 please consider coming to Peru I promise most of us are nice!!! Plus you could visit Machu Picchu and hang out with llamas.

  1820. Schala Zeal says:

    Where have you been all my life?

  1821. Milla says:


  1822. dmorales.v says:

    You are amazing, keep it that way

    Hope you come to Costa Rica some day

  1823. biggest glass animals fan ever anmol says:

    pls come to india some times

  1824. Karla says:

    congrats on the award!! hope i get to meet you again soon 😀

  1825. someone says:

    come to philly some time! <3

  1826. Squidward Tentacles says:


  1827. @missvintagefox says:

    Please release more Ventura tix or I’ll cry forever. Love you all so damn much and need that show in my life.

  1828. Theo + Kai says:

    Halo! Love from the UK <33

  1829. ectoplasmer says:

    hello <3 I hope your day is well and that you've drank some water and ate a snack. Take care of yourself, please and thank you!!! ily

  1830. Theo says:

    Love from Austria

  1831. colby jack says:

    howdy bro, hope you guys are doing fineeeee.

  1832. yes says:

    ur mom

  1833. mikado says:

    >:] <3

  1834. Mothman says:


  1835. Lane D. says:

    agree with jade & ethan, plssss come back to cleveland i would love to see u live

  1836. glasanimalss ig (Hannah) says:

    hii, just wanted to congratulate everyone involved at team ga for your success at the BBMAs this year! so so well deserved & im incredibly proud of you!

  1837. cherry says:

    ecstatic bout the new mercy restock, ordered a piece of everything u got to offer xx

  1838. Peter A says:

    Y’all are wild for announcing a show that’s only 8 days away! The Majestic Ventura Theater is going to be honored to host your performance! Thank you!

  1839. Claudssss____ says:

    I’m going to cry seeing you guys live in San Antonio!!! Listening to your music has changed my life for the better! Thank you for sharing your art to the world!

  1840. Meg Ruk says:

    I wish y’all were coming to ACL

  1841. Jade & Ethan says:

    We love you guys!! <3 come back to Cleveland soon!!

  1842. B says:

    Love you guys. Come back to Northern California soon!

  1843. gab says:

    Glass animals supremacy <33

  1844. Shelbs says:

    So excited to see y’all at Hinterland this summer 🙂

  1845. Michelle says:

    Love your music. Hope to see you in Kansas

  1846. c says:

    Thanks for having me over, it was fun to play around.
    Looking forward to dancing with you again soon!

  1847. biggest fan says:

    i will never stop listening to glass animals. ever. im going to play Agnes at my funeral istg. LOVE YOU GUYS UR HOT LOL <3

  1848. Katalack says:

    Forever grateful to my friend who showed me your music whenever Zaba came out. I thought you guys were extremely talented until I saw you perform in Seattle! The show was amazing and I seeing the energy you put into your show I think made us (the crowd) even more entergetic! Until next time x

    ps please come to the sac/Bay Area in CA!!!

  1849. Alisha Andreas says:

    Hi Glass Animals! Last year in July my sister unexpectedly passed away, I was sad and crying and I was listening to XM while driving up HWY 395 and Heatwave came on. I haven’t stopped listening to it. This song has helped me lift my spirit when I’m feeling sad. Thank you! 🍊🍒🍍

  1850. Anonymous says:

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    When we’re both better at life
    Daylight can open my eyes
    And you’ll still be by my side”
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